Monday, 11 October 2010

Vintage Mix - what a day!

Saturday morning was an early start for us as we had stayed in the Travelodge in Torquay, a night of revellers, sirens, closed windows, overheated room, and anticipation of the fair made for a very poor nights sleep, however we arrived in the dark outside the hall and unloaded and waited, no one arrived (yes we were early), we waited and eventually Lizzie, Phillipa, Amanda and others joined us eagerly waiting for the doors to open.
After setting up I managed to snap a few pictures before the doors were officially opened.
Unmistakably Donna, who really does look like a model, she bought a tweed riding jacket from me and some fantastic Dame Edna style sunnies, she looked great.
Phillipa had a beautiful stall of enamel & garden items, she does have a knack of finding lots of lovely useful things.
The next few photos were of Hesta & the Pugs stall, Jo and her mum, Carol were lovely I had been looking forward to meeting them both, Jo and I have much in common & Carol lives by the sea, talk? we could have talked for hours.........hopefully we will keep in touch (Carol is actually going to be my Kirsty as she is looking out for seaside property for us)

Oh you must recognise this rainbow of colours

Amanda, Shabby Chick, had a lovely stall tucked away in the corner, as I do not like to use flash, the light was not quite good enough, but I did want you to see this fantastic screen that she had.

Finally a few pics of our stall, we were in the foyer and happy to be there as we had fresh air and could watch the world coming & going.

I did not manage to take pictures of all of the stalls, but there will be many other blogs that will have so keep looking.
Lesley and her team made it a very well attended, efficiently run & very enjoyable day - thank you.
Here's to the next one, I hope that my name is at the top of the list?!


  1. Brilliant, wasn't it a fab day! I have just updated my blog too. Hope you are putting your feet up today???

  2. I loved the whole day!

    Hope you find your perfect property!!!

    ;-) X

  3. Glad you had a good time......It all looks so pretty.... makes the early morning start and lack of sleep all worthwhile!
    Julie x

  4. Glad it went well, Tracy. Now what is that lovely embroidered oast house I spot?!
    Hen x

  5. wow what a lovely day and some realy beautiful stalls. I would have enjoyed moouching round them all. Glad it all went well for you all. Dee ;-)

  6. lovely to meet you at Shepton ;0))
    looking forward to November

  7. Hi Tracey
    It was really lovely to meet you, my Mum really enjoyed herself also and is going to have a stand herself at the next one. What a fabulous day we all had and so much to tempt!! Would love to meet up again. The pictures look fantastic, I forgot my camera in the rush to get the car packed.
    Jo xx

  8. Hi Tracey...Wish I could have been there...Glad it was a great fair.
    Good to see you yesterday though. So pleased with the lovely little framed print that I bought from you...See you at Frome...Literally, seeing as we will have stalls opposite each other – near the cafe! ;-))
    Niki x

  9. Oh you are a lovely lady, what sweet words.

    It was such a great day, after a shaky start for me, and so nice to be next to you and Mr Bothy and your beautiful emporium. I adore my jacket and all the delicious fabric I bought from you. Looking forward to seeing you in Frome xxx

  10. Hello Tracey,
    thanks for being gone from me.
    I envy you, live in wonderful places.
    I saw the show ... I wish there was!
    A hug Susy