Tuesday, 26 October 2010

a little dilemma

Hello 55, I am so happy for all of you to be here.
Do you remember the little armchair? Well here she is in her laundered clothes, isn't she pretty?
The dilemma? should she go to Frome (I don't actually think that she will fit onto my stand) or should I move the cupboard and sofa and keep her at home, she wouldn't really fit in here with my eclectic colourful room, but Mum said oh wouldn't she be nice for the seaside cotty (when we get it?!).
What shall I do ?????


  1. Definitely a keeper Tracey - absolutely gorgeous with her clothes on. Your Mum is right she will look fab in a seaside cottage.
    Jo xx

  2. ha! I have the just same dilemma over on the Vintage at the Village Hall blog!
    The chair is so dinky...how long til the little dog is asleep in it?

  3. She just needs a pretty vintage cushion & she'll look right at home!

  4. Hi Elaine, how right you are, I have had to throw a blanket on my silvery girl just incase Florence takes a fancy.

  5. You have a gorg room, and she is just adorable i know i couldn't part with her. What is your heart telling you? Thats what i always think and if i really can't part with it, i find a way to keep it ( cause you know what we women are like ;-))we can find a space for anything..) and your mum has come up with a great idea bless her ;-)) Dee x

  6. Keep! No question!

    Thanks Tracey for the loan of Michael on Saturday. That would be lovely - just as long as he sorts all your things first of course!!

    Sue xx

  7. Keep her definitely, if you don't you will be regretting it for years to come. Your room looks so inviting, I love all the colours and the comfy old leather chairs.
    Ann x

  8. oh, blimey, don't ask me! I'm forever keeping things "just in case" .... follow your heart, is I guess, the best thing to do :-)
    Thank you for your lovely comment over at mine, looking forward to Saturday!
    Denise x