Friday, 22 October 2010

setting out my stall...

As many of you know, when I do a fair I usually have a large stall, next Saturday, at the Vintage Bazaar in Frome, I have to down size and have also had a re-think of what to take with me.
No rail, as I have decided to have an "L" shape table. Yesterday I bought a French ladder which is the basis of my stall along with some rusty old metal!?!
I also thought that for those of you who may not know how a stall works, this is how I do mine.........

Table coverings are a shimmery silver chinoiserie, French ladder just waiting for Michael to make some shelves which will be covered in fabric.
Rusty old iron work & a piece of crumpled toile make my centrepiece (off centre though), with antlers & white lights.
Beautiful pitch pine corbels and pale green painted shelves.

added mirrors & crates
I think that my shelves will be colour co-ordinated floral/black/leather/pink etc

building up layers of interesting decorative items without hiding what is below or behind
beautiful vintage papier mache boxes, I sometimes wish that I could be minimal but I love colour too much.
Finally waiting for the finishing touches, the shelves for my fabrics & cushions.
Obviously in situ things will look slightly different and will be tweaked, but that is the way that I set out my stall.
I would like to thank everyone that has sent me lovely comments, you are very kind and it means a lot to know that you care.


  1. Dear Tracey
    I hope you're feeling much better today :-)
    Thank you for showing this process - It's fascinating how you layer up your stall and what a wonderful collection of goodies you have! I spy a very lovely bird tin on your stall that I need to know more about! Are you taking it to Frome?! I hope so as I have to see that tin !!
    See you next weekend!
    Denise x

  2. Your stall is like a work of art, fantastic.
    Hope you are feeling a little happier today.

  3. That is looking wonderful.... might put a few pix on the VB blog is you would allow that?? Lizzie x

  4. oooo oooo ooooooooooooooooooo what a lovely looking stall, can't wait to see it "in person"!

    Hope that you are feeling less despondent now; I always tend to go with the rule that if you plaster the smile on, eventually you fool even yourself :))

    Have a lovely weekend

  5. It looks lovely Tracey! A bit different to your usual stall but a change isalways good! Love the ladder as display idea.

  6. Hi Tracy, hope your feeling better. I love the layout of the stall it looks amazing and so many gorg things to look it, i love it when there is so much for the eye to look at. Good luck you wont need it im sure. Beautiful things. Take care and enjoy, Dee x

  7. It all looks too beautiful for words. It's going to be very dangerous being next to you ;-)