Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Up above streets and houses.....

Last week we had a day before the Nostalgic Mix fair in Totnes, so as Michael had a bad sausage in his breakfast the last time that we stopped at Topsham, this time we went to.......

The Moorish cafe, where he re-charged on a fantastic locally sourced F.E.B. The lunch and evening menu was very scrummy looking, I urge you to go, we have never been there at the right time but if you like, vegetable & bean tagine, pork & beef patties with spiced yoghurt, Moorish cake figs, walnuts, corriander seeds & lemon or Tunisian orange & almond cake then this is the place.

We then headed off up North Street destined for a lovely shop full fo vintage homewares, textiles,linens etc, that we had visited before, HOWEVER, it is now not a very nice shop that stinks of incense! OMG! After a little detour to buy some local beers in a lovely "offie", panic over, the lovely Sara has moved premises.
The Vintage Emporium (nee Sara's Lavender Box) is now housed in the most fantastic building, covering two floors.
I took up a lot of Sara's time chatting about her lovely stock and that she is a stockist for Sanderson, one wall is papered in a beautiful eau de nil & bird print which is very restful.
Sara and her Mum have made a fabulous new shop, it is stunning.
Michael eventually found me behind the staircase and dragged me away. Across the road in "The Snug" is the lovely Ros's shop, always full of textiles & vintage fashions

I know that Sal's Snippets regularly blogs about this town, but I think that it seriously deserves a mention. I have tried to layout this lot of pictures in a different way to usual, but I haven't quite got the layout as I would like, but I think that you will enjoy the pics.
Lastly, other shop windows of individual shops.

yes that is Michael's reflection in the window!

Oh yes, it's Ashburton.


  1. Wow what a gorg place and inviting looking shops. Lovely photo's. Dee x

  2. Glad you enjoyed Ashburton, it is one of our fave haunts too. Great pix! Lizzie x PS wot is wrong with incense? I love it!!! smile.

  3. I thought I was reading my own blog, for a second there!!LOL
    All of my usual haunts...hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!!
    ;-) x

  4. Lovely Ashburton. I always enjoy visiting.

    Love Michael's reflection in the shop window. Is he choosing what to buy you Tracey? ;-)

  5. Ashburton is a jewel of a place.. and my second favourite Dartmoor haunt next to the pretty town of Chagford.
    Hoping to get down that way soon!

    Michele x