Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The little linen cupboard

linens 001

linens 002linens 003 

Another addition to the fixtures at The Old Pill Factory, a small linen cupboard.

A problem with being in the loft is that small items could easily disappear, also delicate linens, unlike at a fair where I can keep them tidy, could be tossed and turned, it is difficult as lots of people don’t like to ask for cupboards to be unlocked, however these items have been at home in a suitcase, and they are not likely to sell if no-one has the chance to look at them, so……

linens 004linens 005

lovely silk & toile

linens 006linens 007

damask lace edged hand towels & embroidered ones, crepe hankies & beaded bags.

linens 008linens 009linens 010linens 011

 linens 012

A mixture of silk, crepe & cotton hankies dating from turn of the century to 1940/50’s

linens 013 

beautifully embroidered silk cloth, toile cushion front with lovebirds & quivers of arrows, silk lace edged cushion front or small table cover with deep lace edge.

linens 014linens 015

nice quality vintage cotton pillow cases with bands of lace with heart design

linens 016linens 017

1940/50’s printed cotton hankies

linens 018linens 019

vintage continental tea towels, embroidered huccaback 1940’s hand towels

linens 020linens 021

A selection of linen huccaback, damask lace edged hand towels

linens 022linens 023

A mixture of lovely cotton & linen lace edged antique & vintage hankies

linens 025linens 026linens 027linens 028

Very difficult to display, but better in the linen cupboard where someone may ask,  a huge ecru hand crochet bed/table cover & various starched lace edged tablecovers, one with the Union Flag in the lace design.

linens 029linens 030linens 031linens 032linens 033linens 034

So we will see what happens, I do hope that people will ask to look inside, as it is a little treasure trove, I am working on a slightly larger option but until then………


  1. Oh such beautiful linens! And the little cupboard is just lovely too! Love Brenda

  2. I could happily rummage through all that loveliness! Abby x

  3. Good idea Tracey, otherwise all the lovely linen that you have spent hours washing and ironing could end up in a jumble sale heap. Old ladies at the Fairs are my biggest culprits....they pick a tablecloth up, open it out, decide they don't want it then chuck it back down on the table...so annoying!
    Julie x

  4. Ooh! I need a rummage in your linen cupboard. Loads of gorgeous linens and lace I'd love to find houseroom for.


  5. oooh the smell of starch and lavender has wafted down through the computer!
    all that linen looks fabulous

  6. Lovely! Thanks for taking all the photos so that we could have a "wee rummage"!

  7. I can't think of anywhere nicer to be than planted in front of that cupboard for a browse. The printed hankies take me back to my childhood (er, even though that was 60s/70s!), choosing a new hankie from the glass cabinet at the 'Ladies and Children's' shop in the village I grew up in. And I love the huckaback towels and the Union Jack lace...