Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Old Pill Factory today

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The sunlight was not helping the window shots today, you may just be able to see the Wimbledon themed display.

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The new Courtyard Garden Department

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Flo is recovering from a lump removal and a cyst removal from the edge of her eyelid, she is looking forward to a roast chicken dinner  and apple and plum pie with custard, tomorrow night and feels that she may have recuperated enough to make the giveaway draw, she would like to thank you for your get well wishes.


  1. I love your header, so lovely to be reminded what blue sky looks like. AND you have sun too, I am clearly living at the wrong end of the country!
    The OPF is stuffed with fabulous stuff, love the window theme. Glad to read Flo is ok and what a scrummy sounding dogs dinner she is being treated to. Hope she recovers soon. Abby xx

  2. Love those top drawers. Sorry you have given ip on shows for the while. after today, I may have to join you. Super new header pic.

  3. Love the new header - stunning! I'm very taken with that beautiful Great Western Railway Cornwall item, as well as so many other things in the photos, of course. Trust the bloomin' sun to shine just when you don't want it to - spoiling your window shots...

  4. It all looks lovely and so very tempting! Love the tennis theme! ;-)x

  5. Aww, poor Florence, I'm sure the dinner will do the trick. Meanwhile, the Pill Factory looks marvellous and I reeeeally need to visit. I spy a Cornwall thingy with GWR on (is it a book)? I imagine my other half would give his right arm for that!
    Hope you're having a good weekend.
    Hen x

  6. The GWR thing is a poster or similar, I don't know if it is original or repro, if anyone would like me to enquire, let me know. Funnily enough I did this before for one of my followers, in NZ, we finally got the picture there and she was delighted!