Friday, 10 June 2011

what a pair of beauties!

blackboards 002

A pair of early-mid 20th century oak framed school lab blackboards, off to the Old Pill Factory tomorrow.

Anyone know of a new gastro-pub opening, or a yummy mummy that needs to leave messages for the cleaner, cook, child-minder, oops, I mean Hubby!?


  1. They are lovely Tracey, wish I had room for one as I'm always forgetting things and write lists that I then lose!! Love Florence getting in on the act. Have a fab weekend.
    Jo xx

  2. How are they going to fit in the van? They are enormous!
    Julie x

  3. Pair of beauties indeed! How wonderful! Love Brenda

  4. They are indeed whoppers! Florence looks bored stiff though (sorry, rubbish joke!).
    Have a nice weekend. Abby x

  5. They are lovely Tracey,would you mind letting me know how big they are and how much, I know my sister has been looking for one for her kitchen.
    Ann x

  6. I'm old enough to remember blackboards like that at school!

  7. So am i Jayne (but I am not admitting it)!