Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Exciting times.....

Exciting & sad times are upon us.
Today Tom recieved his GCSE results which give him the final confirmation that we will be taking the journey in two Sunday's time to deposit him at Sparsholt College, Hampshire, for him to start his course in game & wildlife management, he will be one of the youngest, however he has always had an independant streak and is perfectly capable (just bone idle), although I do not know who will serve him when he shouts "can I have a Ribena" (no please)! When it comes to the fine art of working a washing machine, I have no doubt that he will sweet talk some poor unsuspecting young lady into doing it for him! Oh and there is the hope that he will remember to get up for his meals, as Tom would rather be doing anything than wasting time eating!
I am both sad and happy, but I know that Tom is not the sort of lad to be sat in a stuffy 6th form and that he will excel at the hands on!
For me, hopefully another chapter to my life will open up after a visit to Devon on Thursday (more of that if it happens), but after a trip down past Taunton we will hopefully make it to the sea (Lynton/Lynmouth area) and then back towards Lizzie's (http://www.thewasherwoman.blogspot.com) for her open house sale.
The weatherwoman on the BBC says torrential rain storms & then she doesn't, so we will be packing the car with waterproofs etc, layers are the best way to go as it is still so warm, even though I have already started to wear my thick winter boots. Flo may even take her coat (she's hoping to get a run on the moors).
I will be taking the new camera and hope to be able to use it!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Where in Devon ??

Do you recognise the signage ?

This lovely local chap didn't look too pleased to be left outside, but what of the inside?

Oooh yes, Honiton textile & decorative Fair, my first attempt and I am lucky enough to have been given a stall at the October 5th event and have also been asked to the November 27th Bridport rag market, I would like to say that it was my sparkling personality, however I think that perhaps it was my quirky stall?!

I met some very nice textile ladies & some lovely customers, hello to any new bloggers/followers.

A great day although I got totally soaked and looked like a drowned rat!!!!!! :-)

Saturday, 7 August 2010


I am very lucky to have acquired a stand at the Honiton textile & decorative fair on Tuesday, however my problem yesterday was having to squeeze down to a 6ft table! The kitchen was my test area, I have since been able to fit another set of shelves to the side of the others making an L shape but still trying to keep it open. I will also utilise the space under the table, however if I have throngs of people around my table no one will see the items but then if the items can be seen I will have no customers...mmmm?!
Anyway I am really looking forward to it, even after a 2 hour drive to get there! Also it will be good practice for me for October when I am at The Nostalgic mix fair in Totnes & the Vintage Bazaar in Frome and in November my first (and hopefully not last) appearance at the original Vintage & Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury. (All links on my side bar).
I found some pretty wrap around vintage dresses this morning but missed two "Enid Blyton/Thelwell" girls tweedy riding jackets, which were lovely! As I was advised the other day, by a lady we all know," Autumn stock should be out after the BH!" Oh dear, I am decidedly lacking in that area apart from some lovely grey pinstripe fine wool, and a few pieces of hounds/dogtooth check! I am trying to stock a mens interest (no not like that) shelf for the smaller fairs and have collected some angle poise lamps, lovely little suitcases, leather items, James Bond & Biggles books but I can not find old tweed jackets and the old Rupert Bear & hunting style waistcoats ( especially in Michael's size!)
I hear the spin cycle has finished so I must go.....
Have a lovely afternoon it looks as though it will be nice & sunny.

Friday, 6 August 2010

fab(ric) Friday

nice old  patchwork bedcover
50's lilac roses
gorgeous compact
faded French
lovely 1930's quilted floral fabric single bedcover
how lucky was that?!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A New me!

Well not exactly a new me, more a different blog. The antiques/vintage/decorative world is constantly moving and evolving, this time last year I set up my vintage bothy blog in conjunction with an offer to have a vintage spot in a local gallery, this didn't work out and I went back to doing big fairs, I now have a number of smaller vintage fairs that I shall be attending along with my normal Malvern/Shepton/Newbury.

I have had very positive comments from customers and perhaps even more confidence boosting from well established dealers. Comments which include words such as eclectic, & quirky English, which is great because that is what I strive for and also perhaps they are describing me?!

Since I have been blogging I have come into contact with a much nicer world than that of "antique dealers",some of  whom can be quite unpleasant, the Vintage Ladies are a really friendly bunch and I would like to thank them for making me welcome.

If you have visited me at a fair you know that I tend to fill a large space, not personally that is, but with my eclectic stock, next week I have to condense myself down to fit a 6ft table, as I am delighted to have a stall at the Honiton textile & decorative fair on Tuesday 10th August.
That is the first step to the new me, secondly I am trying very hard to find a unit in a nice West Country town so that I can have a permanent base and so that I can buy all of the larger lovelies that I leave behind as they would take up too much space and strength to keep carting off to fairs! 
Obviously being a Leo, I want that space now, so if anyone has any ideas?
It will be a slog for a while but in a few years Michael & myself & Flo & "the Angel" (maybe one weekend in a while) hope to move and live by the sea.

Back to the new me, the vintage bothy will be changing when I can think of the new name that I hope to use in the future, I want to include the words above & maybe the name Trixie, which was my Gran's.
So as in the World in which we move I am hoping to evolve into Trixie the quirky, eclectic, vintage, English Lady!