Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Exciting times.....

Exciting & sad times are upon us.
Today Tom recieved his GCSE results which give him the final confirmation that we will be taking the journey in two Sunday's time to deposit him at Sparsholt College, Hampshire, for him to start his course in game & wildlife management, he will be one of the youngest, however he has always had an independant streak and is perfectly capable (just bone idle), although I do not know who will serve him when he shouts "can I have a Ribena" (no please)! When it comes to the fine art of working a washing machine, I have no doubt that he will sweet talk some poor unsuspecting young lady into doing it for him! Oh and there is the hope that he will remember to get up for his meals, as Tom would rather be doing anything than wasting time eating!
I am both sad and happy, but I know that Tom is not the sort of lad to be sat in a stuffy 6th form and that he will excel at the hands on!
For me, hopefully another chapter to my life will open up after a visit to Devon on Thursday (more of that if it happens), but after a trip down past Taunton we will hopefully make it to the sea (Lynton/Lynmouth area) and then back towards Lizzie's (http://www.thewasherwoman.blogspot.com) for her open house sale.
The weatherwoman on the BBC says torrential rain storms & then she doesn't, so we will be packing the car with waterproofs etc, layers are the best way to go as it is still so warm, even though I have already started to wear my thick winter boots. Flo may even take her coat (she's hoping to get a run on the moors).
I will be taking the new camera and hope to be able to use it!


  1. And so another part of your son's journey in life is about to start and I wish him all the best. I'm sure he will love the experience!!
    Wish I could go to Lizzie's open house...sadly I am working.
    Please take photos!!! ;-) x

  2. Thanks Sal, I wish we could have stayed for a night's b&b, but Michael is really busy and I have to get ready for Shepton & Malvern fleas at the weekend! I will take lots of pics and post them asap!!!

  3. I'm som will love Sparsholt - and it's a nice area to have to go backwards and forwards to and from whilst he's there - we used to live in a school about 5 miles away.
    Hope to get to Malvern Flea - considering I can walk it from here something (one) always seems to stop me!

  4. Congrats to Tom & hope he really enjoys the next chapter in his life!

    Hope to see you at Malvern for a chat!


  5. Well done to Tom and good luck for his next chapter! See you Thursday Tracey

  6. That sounds like such a brilliant course - Good luck to Tom! Looking forward to the 'Devon' news!
    Tamzin X

  7. Congratulations to your 'Angel' on his results. You'd already told me about Sparsholt - not too far from here btw! Of course you'll miss him but good that you've got something new for yourself lined up - looking forward to hearing more!