Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A New me!

Well not exactly a new me, more a different blog. The antiques/vintage/decorative world is constantly moving and evolving, this time last year I set up my vintage bothy blog in conjunction with an offer to have a vintage spot in a local gallery, this didn't work out and I went back to doing big fairs, I now have a number of smaller vintage fairs that I shall be attending along with my normal Malvern/Shepton/Newbury.

I have had very positive comments from customers and perhaps even more confidence boosting from well established dealers. Comments which include words such as eclectic, & quirky English, which is great because that is what I strive for and also perhaps they are describing me?!

Since I have been blogging I have come into contact with a much nicer world than that of "antique dealers",some of  whom can be quite unpleasant, the Vintage Ladies are a really friendly bunch and I would like to thank them for making me welcome.

If you have visited me at a fair you know that I tend to fill a large space, not personally that is, but with my eclectic stock, next week I have to condense myself down to fit a 6ft table, as I am delighted to have a stall at the Honiton textile & decorative fair on Tuesday 10th August.
That is the first step to the new me, secondly I am trying very hard to find a unit in a nice West Country town so that I can have a permanent base and so that I can buy all of the larger lovelies that I leave behind as they would take up too much space and strength to keep carting off to fairs! 
Obviously being a Leo, I want that space now, so if anyone has any ideas?
It will be a slog for a while but in a few years Michael & myself & Flo & "the Angel" (maybe one weekend in a while) hope to move and live by the sea.

Back to the new me, the vintage bothy will be changing when I can think of the new name that I hope to use in the future, I want to include the words above & maybe the name Trixie, which was my Gran's.
So as in the World in which we move I am hoping to evolve into Trixie the quirky, eclectic, vintage, English Lady!  


  1. I know exactly what you mean, it is a constantly changing world. I have taken on a booth at an antique centre in Northampton, this will be my first complete month and although I have not made nearly enough to give up my day job it is going in the right direction. As you say it will be somewhere to put the larger pieces that you usually have to walk away from, mind you I am developing muscles lugging it home!! Maybe that is my new look.
    Good luck with the future whichever way it goes.

  2. Good luck with the new you Tracey! I think vintage is the way to go - no stuffy brown antiques for us!
    Did you get my Facebook message?


  3. Just found your blog via The Little Vintage Company...good luck with your new look, will be back to see you soon....
    Julie x

  4. Hi I just loved readin your blog, and as im a local lady to its been great to hear of the places that are local that i can now go and investigate and find more lovely treasures. I missed Malvern but my partner went and he said it was fab and for retro collecters like himself it was just like the old times. Hope to see one of your stands soon. ;-))