Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Game Fair

I am not interested in horses at all, however if I had to ride I would pick a polo pony, beautifully turned out and feisty with it!
Country gent in Purdey cap & Jack Wills shirt, complete with lump of metal through eyebrow, you have to love 'em!
Mink hounds
Huntsmen & hounds, I have never supported fox hunting, however I do not agree with the destruction of county peoples life & work due to the irresponsible voted of people that do not understand how the countryside works and has to be managed..........lovely to see one of our remaining traditions being kept alive.
county florals
every girl needs one of these
say no more!!!!!!!!
Michael "had to sample some, it would have been rude not to"
yum yum
I have neglected my blog recently so here are a few pictures of our outing to last weeks game fair at Ragley Hall.
It is my birthday on Sunday and I hope to have a day at the seaside, We were meant to be at a seaside hotel for two nights but I have had to cancel it, so Flo, Michael and I will have to decide South Wales, Devon or Dorset???
Newbury Antiques Fair first thing Monday.


  1. I am very very horsey and have yet to try polo, as my horse Dylan is not nimble enough to be a polo pony! The dapple grey ridden by the huntsman is gorgeous!!

    I do agree with your comment about hunting, as it is a country tradition. I have been hunting since the ban and its a lovely day out and good exercise for the horses in the winter.

    Looks like you had a lovely day out and Happy Birthday for sunday!! Tamzin X

  2. Love country fairs and especially the bit where children can go into the ring to meet hounds. I'm sure it's so important to keep up these traditions - and what would happen to hounds(fox hounds are lovely gentle animals but they don't rehome as pets), hunt workers etc if the total objectors had their way. I am horsey, though haven't had one for years so it's lovely to see beautiful ones being ridden.
    Have a great birthday, it was mine yesterday (29th) so you must be a Leo, too.