Thursday, 29 September 2011

A quick shufty….

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just a quick shufty at the back of the van & stall at Kempton this week. The fair itself was wonderful with nearly every stall having lots of unusual and decorative stock.  If you are able to go it is not too big to wander round and because it starts so early you don’t get caught in the traffic!

Friday, 23 September 2011

I just had to

I haven’t been yet, but I do love the way that Anthropologie display their goods. I just had to post this one!
P.S. Hello to my new Followers, Thank you, and to all of my friends whose blogs I usually comment on, I can't at the moment!, the lovely Miss Bunny has told me how to remedy it, but I haven't got myself into gear yet, but I am still avidly reading.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Look what happens

carbooty 22 sept 003
Look what happens when you do get out of bed on a Thursday morning.
This year I haven’t been going to this particular car booty because “I can’t be bothered”, under protest, last week I went, and I bought a cup of tea and some runner beans! For some strange reason I was wide awake early today so off I went. Trudging round I came across the very heavy silver plate tray, quickly followed by the b&w tureen & matching ladle (I have been collecting small lidded tureens for a very special fair in November). I haven’t seen a flycatcher glass shade like this one before and a copy of “Black Beauty” with the most lovely cover and illustrations.
carbooty 22 sept 004carbooty 22 sept 005
As I wasn’t far from an M&S, I nipped in for a few goodies, and took myself a box of…………...carbooty 22 sept 002
So whilst I waited for M to come home this afternoon to go and view an auction, a couple of these (4) and a mug of tea & “House of Eliott”. M was running behind so we rushed out and didn’t consider the “Pie Snatcher”.
carbooty 22 sept 001
When I came back, on the coffee table, a tea mug knocked over and the remaining four chocs gone, the second layer was uneaten, but only because FLORENCE hasn’t worked out how to open the packet!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Here’s one I forgot earlier…….



Black or white ? Which ever I think that this is really pretty.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Business as usual……

cockle cott 003 

In Whitstable there are many pretty shop fronts, this deli was my favourite, and the little Portugese style custard tarts,oooooooh!

Even though it was supposed to be a “no buying/work holiday”, I never switch off. Quite a lot of the clothes shops were using vintage furniture & fabrics for their displays, I can’t go past a WhiteStuff without looking in to see if any of my stock is displayed.

 cockle cott 007cockle cott 008cockle cott 009cockle cott 010cockle cott 011

No we didn’t go in for a pint (I can’t stand this chain), however how fantastic that the Art Deco cinema is alive and busy.

cockle cott 014

We did however go into this shop. My favourite in the town, I wanted to buy nearly all of the furniture for our house as the old wood, sand blasted metal, rusty metal, shabby paint on the sets of drawers and cupboards……….I love cupboards!

cockle cott 022cockle cott 015cockle cott 016cockle cott 017cockle cott 018cockle cott 019cockle cott 020cockle cott 021

As we only went in the car we couldn’t fit anything big in,(although I did find the side of a fishing boat on the beach and managed to wedge that into the car), I could only buy some fabric and a massive bag, repurposed very cleverly from a Sanderson sofa cushion cover.

cockle cott 013

Oh and on a Saturday there is a wonderful Farmers market, this young man came out with this beautiful bunch of garden flowers (lime green, my fave colour), fragrant with fennel.

Oh how kind!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

“We’re on the road to nowhere”

dungeness sept 2011 018

Well it felt like it as we drove across endless reclaimed treeless marshland and when we got there we were in the most desolate place.

dungeness sept 2011 017

The end of the world maybe?

dungeness sept 2011 023

But strangely appealing

dungeness sept 2011 024dungeness sept 2011 025

The more that you look, the more that you see…

dungeness sept 2011 027dungeness sept 2011 028

dungeness sept 2011 029

seaside gardens

dungeness sept 2011 030dungeness sept 2011 032

and the reason that we came, this little black wooden fishermans cottage

dungeness sept 2011 031

dungeness sept 2011 038dungeness sept 2011 035

dungeness sept 2011 042dungeness sept 2011 045

not your conventional shots of a garden, but as I have mentioned before I prefer to look for shape and colour, the old galvanised dolly wash tubs are right up my street, even more so filled with driftwood, yes I will be copying this idea as I have the tubs at home and a large collection of driftwood.

dungeness sept 2011 049

dungeness sept 2011 050

I loved Jarman’s hut and garden, but the other gardens which are much less “constructed”, possibly some may think “abandoned or filled with junk”, but chippy paint, weathered wood & rusty metal, what’s not to like?

dungeness sept 2011 051dungeness sept 2011 055

dungeness sept 2011 056

After an hour of wandering around tis desolate place I actually decided that it is industrial, remote and lonely but also very contemplative and beautiful.

Dungeness, not on the road to nowhere.