Thursday, 8 September 2011

Traipsing with Trixie & Florence…

Rye Sept 11 033

A quick blog today, we were up early and on the road, so that we could get to our destination for brekkie!

Rye Sept 11 003

“Oh my! did I really order a cream tea for breakfast – NO surely not!”

M with his trad FEB!

Rye Sept 11 002

So we have been to Battle, Winchelsea & are now resting in Rye. Tomorrow we will be moving onto Whitstable via Dungeness, guess whose garden we will be visiting?!

Rye Sept 11 029 

Oh and as we have a cuppa in our hotel room, whose mug is whose? (If Only)

Rye Sept 11 049

PS  I am having trouble with blogger at the mo,  I am reading them but can’t make comments.


  1. Those breakfasts look the business! Tsk, cream tea for brekky, I don't know! M's looks great he even got hash browns.

  2. Flo looks so dapper in her scarf. A cream tea for brekkie sounds just right....

  3. I would have no problem scoffing a cream tea for breakfast! A x

  4. I had a high tea for at 11.30 the other day makes you look good with just a scone and cream.
    I also have trouble with leaving comments, try unticking the "leave me signed in box" when you sign into Google that seems to work. Just means that you have to sign in each time you go on thats all.

  5. a cream tea for breakfast- sounds like my kinda meal!

  6. Looks like a wonderful tour! We did a similar one a few years ago and enjoyed Rye...oh and the tour of Battle seeing and hearing about that famous bit of history. Hope you're having fun! ;-)

  7. Cream tea.................OMG how wonderful....there really is no French equivalent!!