Thursday, 22 September 2011

Look what happens

carbooty 22 sept 003
Look what happens when you do get out of bed on a Thursday morning.
This year I haven’t been going to this particular car booty because “I can’t be bothered”, under protest, last week I went, and I bought a cup of tea and some runner beans! For some strange reason I was wide awake early today so off I went. Trudging round I came across the very heavy silver plate tray, quickly followed by the b&w tureen & matching ladle (I have been collecting small lidded tureens for a very special fair in November). I haven’t seen a flycatcher glass shade like this one before and a copy of “Black Beauty” with the most lovely cover and illustrations.
carbooty 22 sept 004carbooty 22 sept 005
As I wasn’t far from an M&S, I nipped in for a few goodies, and took myself a box of…………...carbooty 22 sept 002
So whilst I waited for M to come home this afternoon to go and view an auction, a couple of these (4) and a mug of tea & “House of Eliott”. M was running behind so we rushed out and didn’t consider the “Pie Snatcher”.
carbooty 22 sept 001
When I came back, on the coffee table, a tea mug knocked over and the remaining four chocs gone, the second layer was uneaten, but only because FLORENCE hasn’t worked out how to open the packet!


  1. Lovely finds Tracey, I love the little tureen. Did you get my mail because my hotmail has been having issues? I too have been indulging in the House of Eliott. Have a great weekend.
    Jo xx

  2. well done.. it is often worth the effort.. although always a challenge! xx

  3. Uhoh! The chocolate thiving sounds familiar - we can't leave anything lying about or it is gone in a trice!

    The blue & white is lovely & also the book.

  4. I can't leave choc out either...cos Mark steals it!