Saturday, 17 September 2011

Business as usual……

cockle cott 003 

In Whitstable there are many pretty shop fronts, this deli was my favourite, and the little Portugese style custard tarts,oooooooh!

Even though it was supposed to be a “no buying/work holiday”, I never switch off. Quite a lot of the clothes shops were using vintage furniture & fabrics for their displays, I can’t go past a WhiteStuff without looking in to see if any of my stock is displayed.

 cockle cott 007cockle cott 008cockle cott 009cockle cott 010cockle cott 011

No we didn’t go in for a pint (I can’t stand this chain), however how fantastic that the Art Deco cinema is alive and busy.

cockle cott 014

We did however go into this shop. My favourite in the town, I wanted to buy nearly all of the furniture for our house as the old wood, sand blasted metal, rusty metal, shabby paint on the sets of drawers and cupboards……….I love cupboards!

cockle cott 022cockle cott 015cockle cott 016cockle cott 017cockle cott 018cockle cott 019cockle cott 020cockle cott 021

As we only went in the car we couldn’t fit anything big in,(although I did find the side of a fishing boat on the beach and managed to wedge that into the car), I could only buy some fabric and a massive bag, repurposed very cleverly from a Sanderson sofa cushion cover.

cockle cott 013

Oh and on a Saturday there is a wonderful Farmers market, this young man came out with this beautiful bunch of garden flowers (lime green, my fave colour), fragrant with fennel.

Oh how kind!


  1. I haven't made it down to Whitstable this summer but having seen your post a shopping trip beckons. I don't recall Valentine's - is it on the road down to the harbour?

  2. You were just up the road from me - I love Whitstable. It's a jolly nice place for an outing!

    Pomona x

  3. Tracy what a smashing post...lovely shops and Valentines...WOW.

  4. Hi Tracey, I used to live in Canterbury and Faversham so know Whitstable well. It is indeed a pretty place. There is a fish restaurant which I like there but cannot remember the name. It seems that new shops have opened since I last went there 10 years ago. Perhaps I don't know it as well as I used to!
    Have a great weekend
    Isabelle x

  5. What a gorgeous blog you have! So glad I found it. :-)

    I'll be back again, definitely.

    Ciara x

  6. Oh I come from east Kent too. If i remember Whit stable has a fair few charity shops as well. Somerset Maugham used to live there as a boy and uses it quite a bit in 'of human bondage'.