Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Old Pill Factory today

topf today 28 june 004
Only a quick visit today, photographically that is. I have sold some furniture so a re-shuffle was in order. Sorry about the pics (from my mobile).
topf today 28 june 001topf today 28 june 002topf today 28 june 003topf today 28 june 005topf today 28 june 007topf today 28 june 008topf today 28 june 010
Interestingly Fiona told me that the “Cabbages & Roses” Lady had been in and bought a sewing bag from me, I can’t find an old photo to show you as the fabric is beautiful, almost like a watercolour of anemones in lilacs and pinks, 1930’s.
I did at one point keep it for myself as it was  fantastic as a handbag, but I have to have one with a strap and not a handle.
Tom is off to Walestomorrow so tonight we are having a good bye for the hols meal at the pub, so bye for now.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

by popular demand….

garden june 2011 019

Through the front door of my Mum’s house today, the sunlight was sooooo bright even at 6pm tonight, so some of the colours maybe a bit bleached, however Hen mentioned that she might like to see some recent photos of the garden.

garden june 2011 001garden june 2011 002

The borders of the path change dramatically through the months, now purple & yellow, somewhat “Provence” don’t you think?

garden june 2011 003garden june 2011 004garden june 2011 005garden june 2011 006

I don’t think that I have shown you the back courtyard before, enclosed on four sides it is very Mediterranean

garden june 2011 007garden june 2011 008garden june 2011 009garden june 2011 010

We have always collected dragons, and Mum loves angels, the huge rusty cockeral is mine, his feet are covered in aubretia and it was a carpet of purple earlier in the year. If the wind blows too strongly he sometimes topples over.

garden june 2011 011garden june 2011 012garden june 2011 013garden june 2011 014garden june 2011 015garden june 2011 017

I have been asked to re-arrange the back garden, and will do eventually, just the large items and furniture though …….

garden june 2011 018garden june 2011 020

The side scented garden, has a dog grave, Wallace is covered with Cotswold stone and an angel and has arum lilies planted around.

garden june 2011 021  wally_&_garden_020

This garden has mostly white plants, all scented, apart from the roses (mostly over), a shady arbour, and the path that Michael and I laid with re-claimed materials

garden june 2011 022garden june 2011 023garden june 2011 024

The last shot is of the other side where she is training a new wisteria, my Gran’s died a couple of years ago, and we have an old harrow on the wall that she is training another rose through.

garden june 2011 026

Double click to see larger pics, I hope you enjoyed your visit, I expect she will take a peek to read your comments!

Giveaway draw–the winner is……

car booty 001

I had a good morning, amongst some of the lovely things that I found 2 armchairs with nice neutral grey tweedy upholstery, pale aqua floral barkcloth, Colefax & Fowler fully interlined long floral curtains, stool to have legs painted and garden chair.

carbooty 001

This picture is now hanging on our bedroom wall, so that I can lie in bed looking out to the harbour and beyond.

Due to Florence still not being 100% she asked Tom & his friend Tom to do the draw, drum roll please…….

car booty 003car booty 004

car booty 005

So, Pomona get in touch and I will send the Hex’s to you……happy patchworking!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

The Old Pill Factory today

allsorts 015 allsorts 016

The sunlight was not helping the window shots today, you may just be able to see the Wimbledon themed display.

allsorts 017allsorts 018allsorts 019allsorts 020

allsorts 021allsorts 022allsorts 023allsorts 024

allsorts 025allsorts 026allsorts 027allsorts 029

allsorts 030allsorts 031allsorts 034allsorts 035allsorts 036allsorts 037allsorts 038 allsorts 039allsorts 040allsorts 041allsorts 042 allsorts 043allsorts 044allsorts 045allsorts 046  allsorts 047

The new Courtyard Garden Department

allsorts 048allsorts 049allsorts 050 allsorts 051allsorts 052allsorts 053allsorts 054 allsorts 055allsorts 056allsorts 057allsorts 058 allsorts 059allsorts 060allsorts 061allsorts 062 allsorts 063allsorts 064allsorts 065allsorts 066 allsorts 067allsorts 068allsorts 069allsorts 070 allsorts 071allsorts 072allsorts 073allsorts 074 

Flo is recovering from a lump removal and a cyst removal from the edge of her eyelid, she is looking forward to a roast chicken dinner  and apple and plum pie with custard, tomorrow night and feels that she may have recuperated enough to make the giveaway draw, she would like to thank you for your get well wishes.