Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Full House!!

full house 001 
Yesterday I went to The Old Pill Factory to change stock, unfortunately as I was in a rush I didn’t have time to take pictures, but the window is fantastic and wonderfully colourful, it and the shop are full of lovely interesting things, so if you are passing…….
Today Flo and I have been in the barn sorting furniture :& mirrors & lots of other things, so that we can re-label them in readiness for the weekend when we move into our new unit on the top floor of Dairy House Antiques.
So for those of you who are not “in the trade” I thought that I would show you a few pictures of how our house is at the moment.
full house 002 
Piles of textiles, the hallway or squeezeway, utility and the kitchen,
full house 003full house 005full house 006full house 007full house 008
this is how the house will be until Friday when I can load the van, there would be more but luckily my friend Woo, offered to store some for me, so her shed is currently bulging!!
So to those of you who know how it works I am sure that I have your sympathy and to those that don’t do this for a job, this is how life is!
Lastly can you spot Flo??
full house 009


  1. I do like the colour of your chesterfield.

    1. It was inherited from my Grampy, I have a wing armchair and a lovley "curly" chair as well.

  2. Aaaah - home from home! The Pill Factory is to far for me but I will definitely be making a visit to The Dairy House to view your always, very special, treasures. Cx

  3. Phew! It's not just me then. I can't wait to get rid of all the boxes and excess stuff in my house. I am going through it all but it a slow process. Good luck!
    Isabelle x

  4. Yes Tracey I know that look well. Our guest bedroom isn't really one at all, it doubles as a textile stock room and the conservatory looks like a shop and the outbuildings are just bulging, so yes, you do have my sympathy. Take some pics of the Dairy House please so we can have a nosey at your stand.
    Jo xx

  5. OMG!!! Paul would go bonkers if I had this much stock in the house. I must show him so he knows how lucky he really is hahahaha!!!

    Can't believe you still have those Ercol tables. I would have thought they would have been snapped up!

  6. yes, how very familiar... add soggy textiles & you get the idea of what it looks like here!! Good luck with your exciting new venture at the Dairy House. xxx

  7. Ha Ha my hubby would probably freak too!! You have alot of stock..... Wowzers!!!!! I'm not far from dairy house so I will come and see all the gorgeous things soon xx good luck!

  8. Thanks girls I knew you would understand! Donna, the Ercol, well they have been at the back of the shed and I only just found them again!! Lets hope the lovley customers at Dairy House will snap them up!!
    I hope that i may bump into some of you ladies when I am on a re-stock visit.
    T x

  9. Now that's a vintage look I recognise. Give me another 6 months and my house will look just like yours!