Friday, 27 April 2012

Flo hits the big time

If you follow this link, not only can you find Florence, she will be unbearable now that she is a "star", but many of my fellow bloggers and textile ladies that have been photographed by the lovely Alice, for her fairs reports in recent weeks (I have some of my stock in the photos but refuse to be photographed). Do go and have a look it is a very handy website.
I will be very busy this weekend, moving into Dairy House Antiques, but will hopefully have lots of pictures of the fun and games for my next blog!!
Corsage making at Buttercross Market
If you are in Somerset tomorrow, don't forget to call into Somerton, to Buttercross vintage market


  1. Flo looks a real star to me!

    1. Flo says "Thank you to all of my fans, autographs later"

  2. Bless her ;-)) It all sounds so exciting good luck with it all, dee xx