Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Game Fair

I am not interested in horses at all, however if I had to ride I would pick a polo pony, beautifully turned out and feisty with it!
Country gent in Purdey cap & Jack Wills shirt, complete with lump of metal through eyebrow, you have to love 'em!
Mink hounds
Huntsmen & hounds, I have never supported fox hunting, however I do not agree with the destruction of county peoples life & work due to the irresponsible voted of people that do not understand how the countryside works and has to be managed..........lovely to see one of our remaining traditions being kept alive.
county florals
every girl needs one of these
say no more!!!!!!!!
Michael "had to sample some, it would have been rude not to"
yum yum
I have neglected my blog recently so here are a few pictures of our outing to last weeks game fair at Ragley Hall.
It is my birthday on Sunday and I hope to have a day at the seaside, We were meant to be at a seaside hotel for two nights but I have had to cancel it, so Flo, Michael and I will have to decide South Wales, Devon or Dorset???
Newbury Antiques Fair first thing Monday.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Rainy Saturday......

 This is the outlook this afternoon, I hope that it is not raining in Tewkesbury where Michael has gone to play golf, if he were to come home he would find Florence and myself on the sofa tv buttons at the ready for the TCM old film, this months CL and my copy of Horrockses, which the postie delivered this morning, I did 2 car bootys this morning and came back practically empty handed and was really pleased to find the parcel. Yesterday the long awaited delivery arrived, so we have lots of work to do this afternoon........

I do want to list some fabrics on the blog/ebay today but I ttink that Horrockses may win.....

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Anyday soon............

 It's nearly time to venture out, I know that it is on it's way, sometime between now and Friday......
Come on Flo, we will be able to sort out a new photo shoot, yes you can be the gaffer, no you don't have to do any of the lifting & carrying, yes you can supervise, no you can't have a trailer!

 Keep your fingers crossed that it comes sooner rather than later, I'm getting stir crazy, I may even resort to doing some it's not that extreme, I think I will go and get on with the new path.......

Friday, 9 July 2010

Feeling trapped?

Soon I won't be feeling like these girls as my shiny new toy should be arriving any day! Well not shiny as it is black, but yes dear bloggers the camera has been paid for, I am only waiting for the delivery man to arrive! The problem with that is I know that he will come when I am not here and as Mum is away we have no one else around to sign for it so it will be taken away again! However as soon as I can get my hands on it I will be starting off by some new pics of my latest project, the path extension which we intend to start laying at the weekend, (Michael is not aware of that fact yet), and I am going to vow to update my blog shop and to pay more attention to it in future, I have some lovely vintage fabrics and interesting items to put on.
So please keep your fingers crossed that Mr Deliveryman gets here asap.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Another delve into the archives

I am still camera less however I have decided that I will either buy another Panasonic Lumix (very handy & a very good point & shoot) or a "bridge" Panasonic Z something, not quite a DSLR, as I can't be bothered carrying different lenses, I used to do that before digital when I had an old fashioned SLR, to heavy & too much hassle!
So until A*m**z*n, deliver we are delving again!
I have decided on these pictures, do not be astounded, as they actually show me, being taught how to fire a shotgun. Tom and I went to Ragley Hall last year to a small game fair and he dared me (he is a hotshot and didn't think that I would/could do it, he still hasn't learnt not to challenge me). The chap in charge is a top international clay pigeon shooter and the shotgun was a beautiful piece of workmanship with the stock intricately engraved.
If you do not shoot, this won't make much sense, I shot every clay coming towards but did struggle with the going away, however on my last shot I could choose and nomnated going away because "I was going to get the bugger!), which I did!

 Having a boy is a good incentive for trying new things, down to Tom I have gained qualifications in open water scuba diving, Powerboating level 2 licence, VHF radio operator (I can call a mayday), First aid disciplines, and other bits n bobs, such as quading, motorcrossing...... Now that he is moving away to Sparsholt College I expect that he will find new things to be involved in, I expect the gauntlet will be thrown down again!
He is off tomorrow to stay with my cousin in Virginia, when he comes back, the CLA game fair will be on
at Ragley Hall, it is a fantastic event and we will be going, so who knows what I will be upto!