Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bramble @ The Vintage Bazaar

VB Oct 2010 012

I have had a stand at all 3 Vintage Bazaars and this lovely lady has visited me each time.

Bramble is the most beautiful 15 year old Jack Russell, since I last saw her she has been quite poorly but has made a great recovery.

VB Oct 2010 008 VB Oct 2010 009VB Oct 2010 010

She visits the VB with her Mum & Dad, who always carries her perched on his arm, (as usual I forgot to ask Dad’s name). So hello Bramble, Mum & Dad, lovely to see you again

I didn’t manage to take any pictures of the stalls, but would like to say that the fair looked fabulous and I think that business was good. We had lots of lovely customers, some of whom complimented me on the stand looked, sometimes it is these comments that make it all worthwhile.

Well done to Clare & Liz the organisers.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Apologies & The Vintage Bazaar

VB practice 004
Firstly, apologies to you all for not having blogged recently, most of October has passed me by, the first three weeks were spent travelling through Russia from St.Petersburg to Rostov on Don, via Kazan, Volgograd & Astrakhan to name a few. Unfortunately the re-circulated air on the boat was the cause of illness and I have spent the last week with very little energy, HOWEVER, I have today transformed my kitchen into a practice area for Saturdays Vintage Bazaar in Frome.
VB practice 001VB practice 002VB practice 003VB practice 004VB practice 005VB practice 006VB practice 007VB practice 008VB practice 009VB practice 011VB practice 012VB practice 013VB practice 014VB practice 015VB practice 016VB practice 017VB practice 018VB practice 022VB practice 023VB practice 024VB practice 025VB practice 026VB practice 027VB practice 028VB practice 029VB practice 030VB practice 031VB practice 032
The space that is allocated to me is a horseshoe space, so imagine if you will, two tables either side of my lighting & bling table, if I have enough time and am not over run with customers as soon as we open I will try to take pictures of the finished stand, but usually at Frome we are busy as soon as the doors open and I have little time to get my stand ready so I may not.
I will blog about my amazing trip soon, I have some wonderful photos.
Thanks for staying with me.