Wednesday 19 June 2013

Didn’t we have a lovely time…

2013-05-05 seaside and doglies 0032013-05-05 seaside and doglies 006

2013-05-05 seaside and doglies 022

the day the doglets came to stay…..

Oh how I miss them, Florence remained aloof at all times…

2013-05-05 seaside and doglies 043

now they have gone back to the “Valleys”, we have slightly more sedate days out.

2013-05-05 seaside and doglies 0542013-05-05 seaside and doglies 0552013-05-05 seaside and doglies 058

along the towpath in Wareham and in town this wonderful shop, run by a fabulous Mother & Daughter team,

(who incidentally love DH).

The shop is stuffed full with current & vintage clothes and fabrics, also Daisy Mae makes lovely drawstring lounging trousers and messenger bags, stupidly I didn’t take any pictures, however I will be popping back soon as we venture further East on our days out. They do sell online so take a look at the website.

2013-05-05 seaside and doglies 061

Then onto Swanage, possibly not the “ picturesque” scene you may expect from me, however this lovely Deco building has been allowed to fall into disrepair, but what great trompe l’oiel

 2013-05-05 seaside and doglies 0642013-05-05 seaside and doglies 0652013-05-05 seaside and doglies 066

I am a one for timeworn and battered!

Onto the Victorian pier, which like the one at Clevedon, are the only to in the country that have to self fund their restoration, (this makes me very cross, however no ranting today).

They had already raised about seventy thousand pounds and spent it on restoration, only for it all to be wrecked by a massive storm earlier in this year!

2013-05-05 seaside and doglies 0672013-05-05 seaside and doglies 0682013-05-05 seaside and doglies 0692013-05-05 seaside and doglies 0712013-05-05 seaside and doglies 072

2013-05-05 seaside and doglies 070

Old with new.

Days out are few and far between for us at the moment, I hope that you enjoyed this one.

P.S. yes M enjoyed a plethora of breakfast, brunch, lunch, cream tea & supper that day!

Tuesday 30 April 2013

A different me....

 My new look, new unit at DH.

Sunday 7 April 2013

Textiles @ Dairy House

Just a taster of next Sunday, 14th April @ Dairy House Textile Day.

Monday 11 March 2013

Hello from Dorset…..

P1060640 (2)

You may have wondered where I have been, too busy with moving house? Well sort of, it is still not right after being here for 39 days, however nearly all of my time has been taken up by something else.

Pictured above  are me and my new business partner Debbie, and together we have bought The Dairy House from Sue.

So please excuse me for having been away for so long but it really has been a whirlwind!

We are currently working on improving & increasing the business, & promoting the textile fair (14th April), so blogs may be few and far between. Although I am always posting pictures of DH on facebook.

The new DH website will be live soon and I will be posting on the DH blog.

Poor M still has to spend most of his time in Worcestershire until we can get his business going here,  if we do get the chance we go for a day out in Dorset exploring, so things at the moment are hectic.

T x

P1060635 (3)

Thursday 14 February 2013

Hip hip hooray!


We finally managed a day out, and now living not too far from the seaside, Florence will be able to have more fun on the beach!

This week we visited Durdle Door


Some exciting news to come next time.

T x

Monday 28 January 2013

New Horizons


Florence is looking out on her new horizon…….as you know we currently live as far from the sea that you can get in England (The Cotswolds), and due to a change of circumstances and the offer of a Farm cottage, this Friday we, Michael, Florence maybe Tom & the Doglets and myself are moving to …………Dorset!


We are looking forward to spending our summer evenings here, perhaps even swimming as we did one evening last summer.

Lily doglet will love it as she is a great swimmer, Florence will paddle and I expect Sako will go mad!!


So we will be on our big adventure, be ready for lots of pics and info about this great County………

Monday 21 January 2013

Green means go



If you are thinking that I have had a rush on buying green, you would be right, but all of the green pieces are my own colleted over many years, they have been in storage for a few months and now that we are moving on I decided that I must let them go……..

Monday 14 January 2013

This morning Flo had a surprise!
We then had to drive to Chepstow where it was pouring with rain,
and then on the way home it was lovely sunshine!!
When will we be doing this again??

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Hello, hello……..

marrakech 2011 053

Another Marrakech pic… words needed I think?!

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Station Mill Yesterday..

I have a small spot at Station Mill and would love to do “less is more”, I plan to do so, but it never quite works!
This week I have brought in a few more pieces of small furniture and my love, a few bits of garden stuff, a blue ladder and children’s chairs, a beautiful green wirework planter, a pair of Danish oars and some very bright vintage fabric a lovely sky blue with yellow tulips….more springlike?20130107_114732
As always there are lots of lovely items in stock throughout the shop….I seem to have been particularly drawn to sofas and cupboards this week!