Monday, 11 March 2013

Hello from Dorset…..

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You may have wondered where I have been, too busy with moving house? Well sort of, it is still not right after being here for 39 days, however nearly all of my time has been taken up by something else.

Pictured above  are me and my new business partner Debbie, and together we have bought The Dairy House from Sue.

So please excuse me for having been away for so long but it really has been a whirlwind!

We are currently working on improving & increasing the business, & promoting the textile fair (14th April), so blogs may be few and far between. Although I am always posting pictures of DH on facebook.

The new DH website will be live soon and I will be posting on the DH blog.

Poor M still has to spend most of his time in Worcestershire until we can get his business going here,  if we do get the chance we go for a day out in Dorset exploring, so things at the moment are hectic.

T x

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  1. Oh wow... You are on a bigger adventure than I thought. Not only moving house but a new business too! Congratulations to you both.
    Julie x
    Am now following you over at Dairy House.

  2. What an exciting adventure! You both look ready to enjoy it!

  3. yay! look forward to being there on the 14th!

  4. That's great, best of luck. X

  5. Oh, how exciting. Good luck with it all!

  6. Congratlations to you both! Exciting times...

  7. All the best to you both, look forward to catching up with what you are doing here. x

  8. Lovely pics girls! See you both soon no doubt. Lizzie xxx