Tuesday, 29 June 2010

No more pictures !

As far as devastating things go this is no where major, however I was sooooo upset at the weekend as I dropped my lovely Panasonic Lumix (camera) that Michael had kindly bought as a birthday pressie a few years ago. What makes it even worse is I NEED it for my blog!
Yesterday at Newbury Antiques Fair (IACF Fairs) I found some new customers/contacts and decided that I must utilise my shop blog more thouroughly, however that will not be happening for a while!
I met Cecile ( www.elegancemaison.blogspot.com ) at long last, we had a good chat about our "angels" and she gave me some good tips on vintage dresses. She also told me that she really only uses her phone for pics rather than a camera and blue tooths them to her pc, all very well Cecile, where I live we hardly have one bar of reception, well we do if you stand on tip toe and lean out of the bathroom window! so I don't think that idea will work for me!
Lucy Bloom (http://www.lucybloom.blogspot.com/ ) also recognised my stall and said hello, we had a lovely chat, so in amongst chatting to blog ladies we had a very busy morning. I say we as my Mum came to help, she was an asset and worked very hard, although in the heat of the day she did retire to the back of the van to "stretch her back", I did hear a few "zzzzzzz's"!

So I have raided my pics, as you know I have a love of metal work, I found these, do you know where they are and of what ???

I will be rummaging through my pics for my next few blogs, so keep visiting!

Friday, 25 June 2010

10. My angel

Today is Tom's school leavers ball, he had to be ready early?! to go to his friend's as they are having cocktails before they leave, mmmm!
He brushes up rather nicely despite the eyebrow and ear piercings, at least those are the only ones & no tats (so far)!
I was not allowed to stay and take pics of him and his friends or indeed Jess, who Tom is escorting tonight, she is a lovely girl that he has known for years and had promised to be her escort some time ago. Unfortunately for him he has two days in Bisley at the NRA tomorrow and has to leave home at 6.30am and so like Cinderella has to come home straight after the ball!
As I was denied any further pics I thought that I would post a before & after,

 Yes he is a pain but he is still my little angel !

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

9. Ladies, let's have some GLAMOUR

Today lets have some glamour for those of us who will not be watching/listening at 3pm.
 Last week I came across a plain brown folder, inside were a collection of front covers and centrefold pin ups from 1955 Picture Post & Life magazines.
The pictures are lovely.......

The last one of a young Bridgitte Bardot is my favourite, I may even keep it & frame it, however I now have to think about how to display & sell the rest! Any ideas!

Monday, 21 June 2010

8. Oh! what a circus ...

 As promised by Michael we went to the circus, but not just any circus....
When I was a child I was frightened when I was dragged off to a circus, always the fear of being dragged into the ring by a scary clown in front of all of those people.
Back in the '80's through no fault of my own, I saw the Moscow State Circus in situ, rather than the Ballet, and that finished me off with regards to the Big Top. The acrobats were incredible, however the acts that included a pony cantering around the ring with a little brown bear climbing round & round its girth at the same time, and a clown juggling hedgehogs, saw me leaving in tears.
Roll on many years and I read about a Circus, funnily they are based about 25 minutes away & I never knew!
For so long now I have wanted to go to Giffords.

This young man is the reason that we got tickets, the Musician clown (here serenading Michael before the show), Michael had to fix the electricity supply to his showmans caravan.
 The orchestra had some very unusual instuments
 Costumes based on a 1930's theme

 We sat by the exit and the young lady in the Military uniform stood just in front of Michael all through the show, she danced and jiggled all night, in those fishnets, I am not quite sure how much of the action in the ring he saw!!!
 I will not spoil the story for anyone who has tickets, I am not usually a fan of musicals(exception Billy Elliott & We will rock you), but the music throughout was great, Swingtime.

 This lady was an incredible high wire act and she is so incredibly toned that Madonna would look like Betty Turpin stood next to her.
 The musicians dressed in lovely costumes sang their hearts out.

 Just a few well looked after animals, there is a tiny puppy in the bicycle basket,
 The musical clown got the loudest cheers & the one little boy that was sat in front of us had the dirtiest laugh and we commented that he would probably go home and try to play a recorder in a similar way, (using all orafices!)

The end of the show came too quickly, Michael & I walked back to the car in sunshine & followed the sunset home, what an extraordinary evening out for us!

7. an apology.....

If you have been following my blog or have met me you will know that I have been very excited in starting up a vintage fair in our area. As you may have noticed it has had to be cancelled, I have emailed the lovely dealers that had booked stands and am happy to answer any queries.
Please can I ask that if anyone who reads this blog could pass the news on as I would hate for anyone to make a wasted journey in August, I apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank everyone for their support.
These few pictures show my sitting room today, aas it has looked for the weekend, the whole house is crammed like this as new things come in they have to be laundered, ironed, labelled, stored, etc and we live in a small cottage, the garage is Tom's for his hunting, fishing, bikes, scuba, etc gear, so it all has to be crammed in to the house!

there is a sofa in there somewhere, 
 even Dolly has had to be squeezed into a spot by the window.
The reason for these pics is to let you know that I am very busy trying to prepare for Malvern on Sunday & then Newbury racecourse on Monday, it is a new fair by IACF, however I will endeavour to reply to anyone who emails me.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

6. A trip out for cream cake & textiles, in.....

........Bridgenorth! The reason that we decided upon Bridgenorth was that at our local booty last week Mum bumped into Jane, who she hadn't seen since she was dealing full time, in amongst buying lots of lovely cushions off the same stall they caught up and we decided to pay Jane a visit this week. (Thats not in a "Godfather" way)
We found the shop easily, it had the most eyecatching display, as all good shops do (Nostalgia & This 'n' That, spring to mind), sorry about the picture quality.
Mum & I both fell in love with this gorgeous bag

Jane sells decorative antiques and always has lovely stock, and she has recently moved into a new shop in Bridgenorth which has a tea room - well that's enough reason to go isn't it?!
We decided that we needed a sugar boost so first of all we went into the serene cafe, cherry scone & oj for me, americano & the most huge fresh cream meringue with blackberries that you have ever seen, for Mum!

Then back to Jane's beautifully displayed area, ooh lovely! these shoes were gorgeous

co-ordinating red bowling bag, and mens department

more lovely shoes and linens.
We had a good old chat, but had to move on as we wanted to visit Ludlow & Leominster before we came home, on the way back to the car we passed these lovely buildings and some icecream coloured scooters.

Michael rang with some exciting news, he had a call out to a circus, not just any old one but Giffords. Although I am not a fan of circuses, I have always wanted to go to Giffords, and tonight we are going to the 5 o'clock show, that obviouusly will be my next blog, so if you have never heard of Giffords Circus, watch this space, my camera battery is charging as we speak!