Wednesday, 23 June 2010

9. Ladies, let's have some GLAMOUR

Today lets have some glamour for those of us who will not be watching/listening at 3pm.
 Last week I came across a plain brown folder, inside were a collection of front covers and centrefold pin ups from 1955 Picture Post & Life magazines.
The pictures are lovely.......

The last one of a young Bridgitte Bardot is my favourite, I may even keep it & frame it, however I now have to think about how to display & sell the rest! Any ideas!


  1. Gorgeous & glamorous & not a bean pole amongst them!


  2. You can't beat that vintage glamour. They all look so womanly and chic - a far cry from some of today's tacky 'celebs'. The Gina Lollobrigida and Dorothy Dandridge photos are stunning.

  3. Fabulous! and hurray there's no size 10's there!!