Wednesday, 16 June 2010

4. Any old iron.....

Any old iron, well not just any old iron, these are some pieces that I have found on my travels but couldn't bring back home!
A beautiful window surround in Kathmandu

ironwork in St. Petersburg
one of the many Communist era bridges
not so tatty, in the Winter Palace

People think that I am mad taking pictures of ironwork, I prefer rusty & decaying which makes it worse. People do not seem to see the workmanship & beauty in a piece of old iron!
I will be posting some of my collection of shabby doors & windows soon, I hope you enjoy them!


  1. Oh I have a photogrphic collection of doors railings, balconies, windows, too, but stuck currently on an old computer. I shall make this an incentive to get at it, it's just what I need to get me drawing again! Particularly love the window surround.

  2. I too have a photo collection of old doors and windows - as well as anything rusty, the more layers of peeling paint the better!
    Tamzin X

  3. Great! that means I am normal after all!