Friday, 25 June 2010

10. My angel

Today is Tom's school leavers ball, he had to be ready early?! to go to his friend's as they are having cocktails before they leave, mmmm!
He brushes up rather nicely despite the eyebrow and ear piercings, at least those are the only ones & no tats (so far)!
I was not allowed to stay and take pics of him and his friends or indeed Jess, who Tom is escorting tonight, she is a lovely girl that he has known for years and had promised to be her escort some time ago. Unfortunately for him he has two days in Bisley at the NRA tomorrow and has to leave home at 6.30am and so like Cinderella has to come home straight after the ball!
As I was denied any further pics I thought that I would post a before & after,

 Yes he is a pain but he is still my little angel !


  1. I love to see the boys all dressed up for the dances. Very sweet! I just found your blog and it's lovely. I'll be back for another look. :)

  2. He's very handsome Tracey and wears a suit well. I miss my boy who's all grown up with a proper job and flat in London. Sigh.

  3. He looks great Tracey (before AND after!)


  4. Arrrrr! he looks fab in his suit but I prefer the toddler pic!!