Monday, 7 June 2010

lovely art deco

Thanks to my Mum who has left her gardening chores today and is starching some linen for me, I bought some beautifully embroidered hucckaback hand towels that she has edged with lace.
When I bought the job lot of dresses I had a bag full of vintage hankies, some of which were Art Deco crepe-de-chine, the designs are so of the period. I will be keeping them for the vintage fairs that I will be attending later in the year, as I have to pare down the size of my Malvern stall.
Hello to my newest Followers, I hope that none of you are suffering like me today, every time that I go outside my eyes start to stream, particularly helpful as I have to drive to work!


  1. They are so pretty - such great finds!


  2. Know someone who would love the little dog one. They're all very pretty though.

  3. Golly, love those, especially the one bottom right in the bottom photo. Thanks for your comment on my blog, the sun lounger with shade, by the way, was Cath K a few years ago.
    Hen x