Friday, 11 June 2010

No "F" word here

I know that this is the wrong flag, however to illustrate my point I had to use this pic.
For the next 4 weeks, I will try to blog daily about anything but the "F" word, if you enjoy the game, this blog will be free of "F", I am not unpatriotic but can not stand "F" and can not understand why the Broadcasters of television & radio believe that everyone in the country wants to hear about it, I mean even Womans Hour on radio 4 had an item today!
The only glimmer of hope that I can see for the future weeks is an appearance of Rafa at Wimbledon, who unfortuanatly was knocked out of the Queen's today but fortunatly so was the obnoxious Celt!
Tomorrow maybe a garden update or my trip to Stroud vintage fair.


  1. LOL!!
    You won't be visiting me then!!! ;-)
    I love Wimbledon too!
    Have a good month! LOL

  2. Hi Tracey

    I am not in to football but I have to admit to being a bit more interested when it comes to the world cup for some reason.
    I used to find it more interesting when Belgium used to qualify and went up against England. As I am half English & half Belgian it made it more interesting to watch. I don't object to it as it's only 4 weeks of the year and a couple of times at the weekends. Funnily enough, what I object to is the "S" word: Soaps being on everyday such as Coronation Street, Eastenders etc..which I can't stand...
    Four weeks will go by quickly ;-)
    Luckily being summer time there are plenty of other things to do apart from watching TV.

    Have a lovely "F" free weekend ;-)

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  3. No F in this house. M-in-law is addicted to Tennis (not Nadal or Murray though) and has been glued to her set for the last three weeks already through French Open and now Queens. Daughter has solved the imminent World Cup problem by buying other half a new TV for his birthday so he can be banished upstairs to watch. My husband would prefer it if no-one watched television or listened to radio except Radio 3,ever, so he'll be delighted at the lack of programme choice sending me back to books and computer!

  4. With you on the F word, I too get irritated at the suggestion, we are all interested! I even heard mention of 'pride' attached to the subject and is it just me but I feel no pride in a bunch of men that earn the sort of money in a week that many don't see in a year, for no good reason! Nor do I feel proud of seeing a load of supporters lagered up to the eyeballs making that noise they collectively make, dancing about complete with beer bellies behind some reporter on the telly!:P
    Ah, I'm such a cheerful soul! :D
    Tennis makes me happy though! xxx