Monday, 14 June 2010

Up the garden path......

Unfortunately I was unable to take a pic of the peonies outside my house before the rain assaulted them!

However the rose hedge that Mum has been cultivating is starting to fill out, the scent is incredible
Last year I started & Michael helped me to complete a path on the side lawn.
For a long time it had been a plain rectangular lawn & very boring, Mum had the pergola made and this year has been the best show of roses yet, all scented of course.
all reclaimed stones & bricks
Mum went out the other afternoon & I decided to start phase 2, as she has a love of Russia I decided that the 2nd part should be a styalised onion dome, if you concentrate you can see it!
She is planning to eventually fill the sections with shrubs, so it will be lovely and scented & shaded to sit in.

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