Wednesday, 24 November 2010

all aboard the skylark

van 004
van 001
van 003
This afternoon started with an empty van, it is now loaded and ready to go.
The last additions are the gang of chirpy terriers, my Mum has been sorting out her collection, and the laundered vintage patchwork bedcover.
All I have to do now is pack our clothes and boots and we can be off.
So maybe Michael and I will be seeing some of you this weekend, do say hello.
Thursday & Friday staying in Charmouth in a house on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Michael hasn't had a holiday this year and is looking forward to this weekend, I am hoping that we can mooch on our way down and Friday go for a nice walk along the coast.
I am hoping to pop into the Dairy House at Semley to see all of the goodies and obviously the lovely Sue.

Saturday – Bridport rag market, Bridport Dorset
Sunday – The Original Vintage & Handmade, Fair Chipping Sodbury Glos
Monday – Vintage at the Village Hall, Pamphill Dorset
Tuesday - home via Sparsholt, we are quite close and will mooch before visiting Tom at college and taking him and a mate out for supper.
Lots of photos to follow next week

Sunday, 21 November 2010

oh dear……….

vogue mags 001
Following from yesterday I was up early and found some more goodies, a very rustic mini chest of drawers, lovely old books in paper covers, bits'n' bobs and a box of (German) fashion magazines and a few Vogue beauty mags, from the late 50's and 1960's.
The articles and adverts are great, I am drawn to the art work and photography and so unfortuantly I will now be spending the afternoon, a. ironing & pricing, b.flicking & oohing ??
vogue mags 002
vogue mags 003
Anyone that knows me knows that I only do moisturiser & mascara, however I put these hints in for those of you that need to know the secrets to authentic vintage make-up.

vogue mags 004vogue mags 005vogue mags 006vogue mags 007vogue mags 008vogue mags 011
vogue mags 010vogue mags 013
fashion hints for the vertically challenged (me), a girl always needs a mink standing on her head when wearing mink powder!
The next 2 shots from an early "Grazia", the original and best celebrity couple (my fave)
vogue mags 016vogue mags 018
vogue mags 019vogue mags 019vogue mags 020vogue mags 021vogue mags 022vogue mags 023
Winter coats & big bags, fashion comes round.
I will be parting with these next weekend, they are fab!
I will try to work, but..........

Saturday, 20 November 2010

what a find…..especially as Michael had to drag me out of bed…..

When our local Saturday market moves onto hardstanding, generally it is not worth going to, especially in the cold, wet & dark. Michael has missed a few weeks because of work and was eager to go, I was not. After he put the lights on, crashed around, boiled the kettle, etc I knew that I wouldn’t get back to sleep!     I know from years of experience that I shouldn’t have such an attitude, this morning proved the apprentice right.
We found a lovely Triang pedal trike, two Singer trestle tables in old green paint, (o how I wish I had a unit somewhere), and this lovely patchwork cover, vintage with 60’s fabric all hand sewn.
I am happy and the apprentice is crowing, Flo is not happy as she didn’t get a greasy burger!   
Have a good day

Friday, 19 November 2010


me & ironing 004me & ironing 001
As usual Flo was supervising as I was ironing. I have collected a number of lovely embroidered nighty cases that I was going to make cushion inserts for, as time has runaway with me they will be for sale without.
me & ironing 002me & ironing 005
I also have some lovely Victorian/Edwardian huccaback lace edged hand towels.
me & ironing 006me & ironing 007
me & ironing 009me & ironing 008
Last but not least a pair of vintage 30’s cotton printed pillowcases with crinoline lady design.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


anth paperanth coatanth bootanth chair
anth boots 2anth shoeanth cup
I still haven’t been able to retrieve my photos from my pc and I haven’t taken any, so I have been mooching, can you guess where I found these beauties??

Sunday, 14 November 2010

doesn't time fly......

It doesn't feel 2 secs since I collected Tom from the station on Friday, this was 5.15pm tonight before I dropped him & Christine at the station, she lives on the same line that Tom uses to Oxford/Reading and then Winchester.

Friday, 12 November 2010

My angel & me

one angel safely collected from the station.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

normal service will be resumed.......

Hello folks, normal service will be resumed shortly.
Things have not been the best this week and will probably not improve until after next Wednesday, things could be a million times worse then but I am trying to be positive!
I have not blogged in the past few days as although I may be ok with Google/blogger, this is my new laptop and I don't have my vast library of photos on it yet, as I have been unable to transfer from our ancient p.c. as none of the drives work anymore, and I haven't been anywhere interesting to take new pics! 
If you would like to read something that put a smile on my face go and see why Denise is really, really, really happy.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

testing, testing……

I thought that we would test my picture space with something different.
I love form, colour & shapes as opposed to formal/traditional pictures and thought that I would show a few photos from Istanbul.
Churches & Mosques were re-cycled, some were converted form others hence a mix of architecture, designs and symbols from Islam and Orthodox which make a beautiful & interesting artful and historical mix.
Here are some ancient tiles, floral depicting carnations & tulips, as in Islam figures are never used, and mosaics of figures, Orthodox.
Well it has worked from Windows to the blog, but blogger is taking a millenium to load each pic?!