Tuesday, 9 November 2010

testing, testing……

I thought that we would test my picture space with something different.
I love form, colour & shapes as opposed to formal/traditional pictures and thought that I would show a few photos from Istanbul.
Churches & Mosques were re-cycled, some were converted form others hence a mix of architecture, designs and symbols from Islam and Orthodox which make a beautiful & interesting artful and historical mix.
Here are some ancient tiles, floral depicting carnations & tulips, as in Islam figures are never used, and mosaics of figures, Orthodox.
Well it has worked from Windows to the blog, but blogger is taking a millenium to load each pic?!


  1. Glad to see you back. Blogger's new way with photos is very trying - I have to select them all from Windows then go and do something else while they upload.

  2. Hi Tracey
    I too have had problems with blogger taking an age to upload photos.
    Jo xx

  3. hey its worked, well done ;-) It looks fab it was worth the wait..Dee ;-)) x

  4. Lovely photos - I've got hundreds of photos we've taken in Turkey, Eastern Europe, etc! - love the tiles, ornate patterns, colours, etc. Beautiful.

  5. Your photos from Istanbul are so beautiful Tracey. And Blogger picture uploading - it's PANTS! As you have a new laptop - it can't be blamed on my old and failing machine. Very annoying. But although others have migrated to Wordpress I can't be doing with that either as it insists on dropping into my already overloaded email inbox. I prefer the Blogger dashboard method. Much tidier!

    But best of all - I love your Flanders poppies picture. So poignant. Thank you.

  6. Beautiful images! Thanks for your cheeky blog comment! Would you like Shepton tickets???? xx