Sunday, 21 November 2010

oh dear……….

vogue mags 001
Following from yesterday I was up early and found some more goodies, a very rustic mini chest of drawers, lovely old books in paper covers, bits'n' bobs and a box of (German) fashion magazines and a few Vogue beauty mags, from the late 50's and 1960's.
The articles and adverts are great, I am drawn to the art work and photography and so unfortuantly I will now be spending the afternoon, a. ironing & pricing, b.flicking & oohing ??
vogue mags 002
vogue mags 003
Anyone that knows me knows that I only do moisturiser & mascara, however I put these hints in for those of you that need to know the secrets to authentic vintage make-up.

vogue mags 004vogue mags 005vogue mags 006vogue mags 007vogue mags 008vogue mags 011
vogue mags 010vogue mags 013
fashion hints for the vertically challenged (me), a girl always needs a mink standing on her head when wearing mink powder!
The next 2 shots from an early "Grazia", the original and best celebrity couple (my fave)
vogue mags 016vogue mags 018
vogue mags 019vogue mags 019vogue mags 020vogue mags 021vogue mags 022vogue mags 023
Winter coats & big bags, fashion comes round.
I will be parting with these next weekend, they are fab!
I will try to work, but..........


  1. o fab mags!
    Are any of the models in the pics anyone now famous?

  2. Oooh might have to relieve you of a few of these ;-)

  3. I love the magazines - my aunt was a model for Ponds Cream and I look everywhere for photos of her - she was a very glam lady an airhostess for BOAC. You certainly find some treasures!
    Thank you for yor lovely comments on my blog.

  4. Ohhh i could hours reading and flicking through those, there smashing i love old magazines there the best much better than those you get today i think. Enjoy them while you have them Dee x

  5. Great mags, nice find! Your Christmas day sounds like BLISS!!! xx