Friday, 19 November 2010


me & ironing 004me & ironing 001
As usual Flo was supervising as I was ironing. I have collected a number of lovely embroidered nighty cases that I was going to make cushion inserts for, as time has runaway with me they will be for sale without.
me & ironing 002me & ironing 005
I also have some lovely Victorian/Edwardian huccaback lace edged hand towels.
me & ironing 006me & ironing 007
me & ironing 009me & ironing 008
Last but not least a pair of vintage 30’s cotton printed pillowcases with crinoline lady design.


  1. Love the photo at the top of your Blog, you look so serious:)) You've got some gorgeous linens, especially the Crinoline lady pillowcases.
    Jo xx

  2. Hi Tracy,

    I love your new photo at the top wih your lovely new hair do it suits you lovely. I love those embroidered nighty cases at the top there really beautiful. Infact i like everything you have listed on here i don't think i could part with any of it. Good luck with the stall coming up. Enjoy your weekend. Dee x

  3. ooo I thought you were there to take a photo of me (in my pj's) as I popped in!!

    Please will you come and do my ironing- I have a whole rail of clothes to do.
    Ted says how come stock gets ironed but his clothes never do?
    I say its the new fashion trend for men!

  4. That's the kind of ironing I like best!!! Also ironing scrummy cottons for patchwork!!
    Lovely linens!!!

    Sharon xx