Saturday, 20 November 2010

what a find…..especially as Michael had to drag me out of bed…..

When our local Saturday market moves onto hardstanding, generally it is not worth going to, especially in the cold, wet & dark. Michael has missed a few weeks because of work and was eager to go, I was not. After he put the lights on, crashed around, boiled the kettle, etc I knew that I wouldn’t get back to sleep!     I know from years of experience that I shouldn’t have such an attitude, this morning proved the apprentice right.
We found a lovely Triang pedal trike, two Singer trestle tables in old green paint, (o how I wish I had a unit somewhere), and this lovely patchwork cover, vintage with 60’s fabric all hand sewn.
I am happy and the apprentice is crowing, Flo is not happy as she didn’t get a greasy burger!   
Have a good day


  1. I know that feeling and like you I KNOW I should always approach each fair/boot sale/flea market with the thought that it might just be your lucky day!!!! xx

  2. Just shows you should push yourself at all times even though you don't feel like it!
    Thanks for the comment...the landy took some lived on a hill farm in Cumbria so low mileage and it is fab...a bit battered but so reliable....came into its own last winter with all the've got to get one!
    Julie x

  3. What a find Tracey, I may even venture out now this morning to the local car boot.
    Ann x

  4. Hi Tracey, im loving this quilt its amazing the amount of work and time that goes into them and i should now ha ha. Enjoy all your lovely finds. Dee x