Saturday, 19 June 2010

6. A trip out for cream cake & textiles, in.....

........Bridgenorth! The reason that we decided upon Bridgenorth was that at our local booty last week Mum bumped into Jane, who she hadn't seen since she was dealing full time, in amongst buying lots of lovely cushions off the same stall they caught up and we decided to pay Jane a visit this week. (Thats not in a "Godfather" way)
We found the shop easily, it had the most eyecatching display, as all good shops do (Nostalgia & This 'n' That, spring to mind), sorry about the picture quality.
Mum & I both fell in love with this gorgeous bag

Jane sells decorative antiques and always has lovely stock, and she has recently moved into a new shop in Bridgenorth which has a tea room - well that's enough reason to go isn't it?!
We decided that we needed a sugar boost so first of all we went into the serene cafe, cherry scone & oj for me, americano & the most huge fresh cream meringue with blackberries that you have ever seen, for Mum!

Then back to Jane's beautifully displayed area, ooh lovely! these shoes were gorgeous

co-ordinating red bowling bag, and mens department

more lovely shoes and linens.
We had a good old chat, but had to move on as we wanted to visit Ludlow & Leominster before we came home, on the way back to the car we passed these lovely buildings and some icecream coloured scooters.

Michael rang with some exciting news, he had a call out to a circus, not just any old one but Giffords. Although I am not a fan of circuses, I have always wanted to go to Giffords, and tonight we are going to the 5 o'clock show, that obviouusly will be my next blog, so if you have never heard of Giffords Circus, watch this space, my camera battery is charging as we speak!


  1. You're in for a treat - Gifford's Circus is brilliant. They even have their own customised Emma Bridgewater china in the restaurant! We last saw Giffords in 2008 on their 'Caravan' tour and have brought tickets to see them in August. I'm so looking forward to it, probably more so than my 3 year old!

  2. I was in Bridgnorth two weeks ago as a few things were placed seductively in the window of that shop. I go there fairly regularly so no doubt I'll be paying a visit shortly. Enjoy the circus. I might be wrong but I think that Emma Bridgewater's sister is involved with Gifford's but don't quote me on it. Look forward to the piccies.


  3. Love Ludlow and Leominster, but never seem to get to Bridgnorth - now have incentive to go!

  4. There is something very enviable about the shops in Shropshire. Bath is crying out for some decent vintage emporiums ..If only I had the dosh to open one myself!!
    Looking forward to hearing about Giffords Circus.. I have heard much about it and am intrigued!

    Michele x