Tuesday, 29 June 2010

No more pictures !

As far as devastating things go this is no where major, however I was sooooo upset at the weekend as I dropped my lovely Panasonic Lumix (camera) that Michael had kindly bought as a birthday pressie a few years ago. What makes it even worse is I NEED it for my blog!
Yesterday at Newbury Antiques Fair (IACF Fairs) I found some new customers/contacts and decided that I must utilise my shop blog more thouroughly, however that will not be happening for a while!
I met Cecile ( www.elegancemaison.blogspot.com ) at long last, we had a good chat about our "angels" and she gave me some good tips on vintage dresses. She also told me that she really only uses her phone for pics rather than a camera and blue tooths them to her pc, all very well Cecile, where I live we hardly have one bar of reception, well we do if you stand on tip toe and lean out of the bathroom window! so I don't think that idea will work for me!
Lucy Bloom (http://www.lucybloom.blogspot.com/ ) also recognised my stall and said hello, we had a lovely chat, so in amongst chatting to blog ladies we had a very busy morning. I say we as my Mum came to help, she was an asset and worked very hard, although in the heat of the day she did retire to the back of the van to "stretch her back", I did hear a few "zzzzzzz's"!

So I have raided my pics, as you know I have a love of metal work, I found these, do you know where they are and of what ???

I will be rummaging through my pics for my next few blogs, so keep visiting!


  1. Tracey it was so lovely to met you at Newbury - so sorry about your camera though. I will post the pics I took of your stand and your huge range of very attractive goodies asap. Unfortunately although my phone is working, my internet connection has been very erratic for the past few days. I think I may now have solved the problem but time will tell. (BTW readers although she fought shy of my camera phone - Tracey is very pretty. No wonder she has such a handsome 'teenangel'!) And isn't that the Albert Memorial? Cx

  2. Sorry, I didn't manage to get to Malvern - try again next time. Having camera problems is a real pain - I keep borrowing my other half's but he's not always amenable. Pictures taken with my camera are always shaky and we share your reception problems (hills in the way I expect!). I can see 'dear Albert' there amonst that super metal work.

  3. lovely ironwork! Glad Newbury was busy. Would have loved to have done that one.. but didn't get home from Glaston until 2 am.. so an early start was out of the question!!!!

  4. Oh you Ladies! Thanks Cecile for your comments, I think the pretty genes come from further back than me however!
    Jee I did wonder if you had been around whilst I was nipping off to the you know where!
    Lizzie I never expected to see you after you had been partying with Mr W !
    See you all soon!
    You are correct, I took those when Mum and I went to see on eof the ballets, possibly the one that I fell asleep in!
    She loves ballet,I prefer opera & classical, I believe that comes from Tom having been a chorister and I that I now have a trained ear!?

  5. Now - me neither - no pics I mean! After all my enthusing about my phone camera, my own phone went "doolally" at the w/e. When people phone me I can't accept the call. Nor can I access the camera. I can still send and receive texts though. I went hotfoot to the Vodafone shop today to look at new`phones as I am due an upgrade anyway. Couldn't see anything I liked and the assistant was bored and humourless especially when I discovered I have been paying for loads of stuff I don't use. Thinking seriously of changing to PAY as you Go now. Aaargh!