Thursday, 27 October 2011

Apologies & The Vintage Bazaar

VB practice 004
Firstly, apologies to you all for not having blogged recently, most of October has passed me by, the first three weeks were spent travelling through Russia from St.Petersburg to Rostov on Don, via Kazan, Volgograd & Astrakhan to name a few. Unfortunately the re-circulated air on the boat was the cause of illness and I have spent the last week with very little energy, HOWEVER, I have today transformed my kitchen into a practice area for Saturdays Vintage Bazaar in Frome.
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The space that is allocated to me is a horseshoe space, so imagine if you will, two tables either side of my lighting & bling table, if I have enough time and am not over run with customers as soon as we open I will try to take pictures of the finished stand, but usually at Frome we are busy as soon as the doors open and I have little time to get my stand ready so I may not.
I will blog about my amazing trip soon, I have some wonderful photos.
Thanks for staying with me.


  1. Looking forward so much to The Vintage Bazaar on Saturday. I love your 'practice area'- I'm afraid that my space will be more 'ad hoc' than rehearsed. See you there!Cx (Thanks so much for your email will reply asap.)

  2. Oops- forgot to say that I'm also looking forward to the photos of your Russian trip. Wonder if you found any treasures to sell at Frome? Cx

  3. Gorgeous stuff as usual Tracey. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh on Saturday. See you then neighbour x

  4. its gonna look great!
    hope you have a fab day

  5. Love the black silk jacket and old Ted. Look forward to catching up with you on Saturday.
    Jo xx

  6. Hi Tracey - Look forward to glancing over at your gorgeous stand tomorrow...from hopefully a packed hall!
    ;-)) We're next to Helen this should be fun! :)
    Safe journey...Not as far as Russia at least! Look forward to seeing photos...I've never been somewhere so fabulous.
    Niki x

  7. It sounds like a fantastic journey Tracey! It looks like you will be bringing some lovely things with you at the Bazaar.
    The coloured chandelier is stunning...
    See you tomorrow!
    Isabelle x

  8. Looks like you have some lovely things, I didn't have time for a mock up, so witha wing and a prayer...... see you tommorow xx