Saturday, 11 June 2011

103 followers giveaway

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Sometime ago I promised to think about a giveaway (well, Flo was supposed to do the thinking, but she says that she doesn’t know what you lovely ladies might like), so although I am not a great seamstress, well I am not one at all, we wondered how popular this bag of goodies might be… came across our path a month or so ago and has been waiting to go somewhere. I think it is enough hexagons and part sewed hexagons to make a bedcover. I think that it is probably 70’s chintz as it is sludgy greens & browns. All of the pieces have card backing.

We will pop something else in with the hexagons, so if you would like something to keep you busy, comment on where you would like to celebrate the Summer Solstice, (I would like to be on lonely beach), Flo will write your name on a strip of paper and drop it into the hat. She will make the draw on the 20th.


  1. I would love to be on acres of land in the country for the peacefulness and privacy of it.(but then all I want is to own acres in the country),Dreams do come true dont they?
    Id love to win these but good luck everyone.xx

  2. I would like to be at Stourhead in Whiltshire, it would be a beautiful summers evening, with candles everywhere, a beautiful picnic... like something out of a midsummer night's dream. All my favourite people would be there, dressed in beautiful flowwy dresses, except the men obviously...they can wear trousers!!!
    would love a chance to win the hexy's, give me something to do all those long winter night's by the fire! xx

  3. oh sweet the 70s I had the long flowwy dress that Sophie mentions made out of the brown and white ditsy floral one!

    Please don't enter me for the giveaway cos the thought of sewing all those hexagons is a bit of a non-starter for me, but just came over to say good luck to whomever wins, looking forward to seeing the finished result!

    If this weather keeps up I think I'll be spending the Summer Solstice snug and warm in front of the fire!


  4. What a fabulous giveaway, thanks Tracey, and congrats on your 103 followers. I would like to be camping in a lovely field (yes, seriously) with some good friends, quaffing wine, eating good food and the children playing happily (preferably some distance away from the adults!). I say this because we are camping then, so hope it's a good'un!

  5. Hi Tracey. I would love to spend summer solstice in a little rowing boat,on a river, equipped with a wicker picnic hamper, needlepoint cushions and a glass of very chilled white wine. Naturally, I'd have a tartan woollen blanket to warm me when the evening chill set in. And of course, a lovely strong man to row the boat.

    I'd love to be entered in the giveaway please. I can well remember those colour combinations back in the seventies!


  6. I'd love the hexi's!
    I'd also like to be on a Nice secluded sandy beach somewhere in cornwall with like minded crafty friends, a BBQ, good food and wine/beer/tea and craft/talk and just be the whole day/night. Anyone can dream right?
    Good luck to everyone!

    Sandie xx

  7. That takes me back! My sister and I used to sew hexagons when we were in our teens, and I still have the card templates - I do love hexies, and I threw away all my early efforts at patchwork when I was in my 20s - regretted it ever since. I will be at home for the solstice, as we are hosting a permaculture course, but really I would like to be on the beach at Port du Crouesty in Brittany, which is one of my favourite places in the world, but it's unlikely I will get there for a year or two!

    Pomona x

  8. I would like SB to arrive on horseback (Spotty of course) and whisk me off for a summer solstice ride along the Northumbrian coast. Actually Spotty would buckle under the weight of us both, so bad idea!
    Your lovely giveaway would be wasted on me, as I get stressed when my husband has lost a button on his shirt. So don't count me in, but congratulations to you for 103 followers and good luck to everyone else! Abby x

  9. oohhh Abby, to be thrown from a horse into the surf with SB.......

  10. Oh I have hexi sewer's finger and would love the opportunity of sewing these little jewels together .... lovely giveaway. I would like to be on a beach at sunset with a warm breeze blowing in from the sea, seated around a camp fire with my family. No music just the sounds of mother nature around us. Thanks xx

  11. Just somewhere warm and sunny as it has rained part of every day here.

  12. Congrats on over 100 followers hun. I would love to do it old school style at stonehenge :o) Scarlett x

  13. Hello
    I've just found your blog, it's very lovely. What a great giveaway. I'd love to sit on the beach on The Great Blasket Isles watching the seals watching us, watching them. Just as we did a few weeks ago, fab stuff.
    Twiggy x

  14. Pretty hex's! I live to far away to ship them, however...Summer is always heaven on a beach...a lake...or if you live in Georgia...just a mud puddle! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Hello, I have been visiting your blog for these past couple of months and love it dearly. Your giveaway is too nice. I do not have a blog. Am i eliglible to enter your giveaway?
    I would love to spend on a lovely field with my family and possibly a scarecrow as i live close to the sea in a hot and humid desert. Farida

  16. Well, with today's weather I would have to say somewhere on a sandy sunny beach. St Ives would fit the bill quite well!

    I couldn't ask Toby to draw a giveaway because he'd just eat all the bits of paper!

  17. This is a terrific giveaway Tracey, can't think why I hadn't entered before. Congratulations on reaching 103 followers and I shall be spending the summer solstice fast asleep in my bed just a spit and a throw from no doubt rain-lashed Stonehenge. Would rather be at Glastonbury waiting for the Festival to start on Wednesday!

  18. not sure if I'm eligible for this - but if I am, I know it will keep me out of mischief for a while! I'd ideally like to spend the summer solstice in a wood sitting at the side of a gently flowing stream - but I'll actually be in work.
    All the best for reaching 103 followers.

  19. Farida - of course you can enter, I am intrigued to know where you live as it sounds like heaven to me!!
    Jayne - yes I am wondering how dizzy Flo will pick out the winner, I will post pics of our inventive draw!
    Since I posted this, I am now upto 107 followers, Thank you to everyone I am so glad that you enjoy visiting. T x

  20. Oooooh - I'd like to be on the island of Skyros - a magical place for me......