Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Old Pill Factory today

topf today 28 june 004
Only a quick visit today, photographically that is. I have sold some furniture so a re-shuffle was in order. Sorry about the pics (from my mobile).
topf today 28 june 001topf today 28 june 002topf today 28 june 003topf today 28 june 005topf today 28 june 007topf today 28 june 008topf today 28 june 010
Interestingly Fiona told me that the “Cabbages & Roses” Lady had been in and bought a sewing bag from me, I can’t find an old photo to show you as the fabric is beautiful, almost like a watercolour of anemones in lilacs and pinks, 1930’s.
I did at one point keep it for myself as it was  fantastic as a handbag, but I have to have one with a strap and not a handle.
Tom is off to Walestomorrow so tonight we are having a good bye for the hols meal at the pub, so bye for now.


  1. The sewing bag sounds lovely and I am glad you are busy at the OPF.
    I hope you all have a lovely meal together. A x

  2. Hello T....I would love to visit The P F at some time soon. It all looks fantastic. Hope all is well with you.x

  3. Hope you had a nice meal, and Tom has a great time in Wales.

  4. It all looks divine.....you have such energy Madam!!!

  5. I likr that distressed cupboard, Tracey.