Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Old Pill Factory today

topf 4.6.11 032

topf 4.6.11 001 topf 4.6.11 002 

some new items in my unit today, glass school lab cylinders, child’s yellow chair, pretty barbola mirror, intricate printing block

topf 4.6.11 003topf 4.6.11 004topf 4.6.11 005topf 4.6.11 006 

grey blue wooden ammo (?) boxes, shabby faded footstool, Peter Scott design barkcloth,

topf 4.6.11 007topf 4.6.11 008topf 4.6.11 009topf 4.6.11 010topf 4.6.11 011topf 4.6.11 012topf 4.6.11 013topf 4.6.11 014

Emma Boyne has now moved to the top of the stairs with her fun decoupaged furniture and printed cushions

topf 4.6.11 015topf 4.6.11 016

as ever the stock is ever-changing throughout the shop

topf 4.6.11 017topf 4.6.11 018topf 4.6.11 019topf 4.6.11 020topf 4.6.11 021topf 4.6.11 022topf 4.6.11 023topf 4.6.11 024topf 4.6.11 025topf 4.6.11 026topf 4.6.11 027topf 4.6.11 028

My cushions and flowerpots add to the faded elegance of the window this week

topf 4.6.11 029topf 4.6.11 030topf 4.6.11 031

I have been having trouble with blogger and have tried to make comments on many blogs recently without success, I am still here and am still trying to sort it out !?


  1. Truly amazing barkcloth! Lots of people are having blogger problems of one sort or another.

  2. Oh such loveliness ~ I so much enjoyed your beautiful pictures ~ many times over, taking in every bit of vintage sweetness! Love Brenda

  3. The window display looks fantastic and very inviting to customers. Seeing your fabulous cushions would get me through the door every time ;)
    Have you tried adjusting your browser settings? That seems to be working for people who have had the same problems as you are experiencing. I have had no issues with comments since I downloaded the new Firefox browser.
    Maybe worth a try?
    Abby x

  4. It all looks great, Tracey. I must get to Witney again soon. Blogger is driving everyone mad. Changing browser does seem to help.

  5. Isn't it strange, I made that comment and hey presto it works again?!

  6. Lovely things!
    I've had 'issues' with Blogger too - try un-checking 'keep me signed in' when you comment, it's worked for me....

  7. Very happy to have stumbled across your lovely blog!
    Warm greetings from San Francisco....

  8. hiya-
    I've just resolved my blogger problems by changing browser, and Cathy told me how to change comments to a pop-up box so its easier for people to leave a comment. It's been a right pain but hopefully now resolved
    Hope all is well with you