Sunday, 26 June 2011

by popular demand….

garden june 2011 019

Through the front door of my Mum’s house today, the sunlight was sooooo bright even at 6pm tonight, so some of the colours maybe a bit bleached, however Hen mentioned that she might like to see some recent photos of the garden.

garden june 2011 001garden june 2011 002

The borders of the path change dramatically through the months, now purple & yellow, somewhat “Provence” don’t you think?

garden june 2011 003garden june 2011 004garden june 2011 005garden june 2011 006

I don’t think that I have shown you the back courtyard before, enclosed on four sides it is very Mediterranean

garden june 2011 007garden june 2011 008garden june 2011 009garden june 2011 010

We have always collected dragons, and Mum loves angels, the huge rusty cockeral is mine, his feet are covered in aubretia and it was a carpet of purple earlier in the year. If the wind blows too strongly he sometimes topples over.

garden june 2011 011garden june 2011 012garden june 2011 013garden june 2011 014garden june 2011 015garden june 2011 017

I have been asked to re-arrange the back garden, and will do eventually, just the large items and furniture though …….

garden june 2011 018garden june 2011 020

The side scented garden, has a dog grave, Wallace is covered with Cotswold stone and an angel and has arum lilies planted around.

garden june 2011 021  wally_&_garden_020

This garden has mostly white plants, all scented, apart from the roses (mostly over), a shady arbour, and the path that Michael and I laid with re-claimed materials

garden june 2011 022garden june 2011 023garden june 2011 024

The last shot is of the other side where she is training a new wisteria, my Gran’s died a couple of years ago, and we have an old harrow on the wall that she is training another rose through.

garden june 2011 026

Double click to see larger pics, I hope you enjoyed your visit, I expect she will take a peek to read your comments!


  1. What a lovely garden - love the way it beckons from the door. I was busy trying to upload the photos of my Mum's garden when I read this and I couldn't help but spot two incredible coincidences. (Hope you'll have a quick look at mine to spot them!) I love the pathway you have made, all the interesting bits and pieces around and can just imagine what a relaxing place it must be in which to sit and enjoy nature.

  2. Thank you for your blog comment! Loving the pix of your mum's garden.. must try to get out in mine this morning as have been working all weekend! xx

  3. I feel like I've jus been to visit and had a tour of the, perhaps a cuppa?!!

    So lovely to enjoy this weather, unnacustomed as we are to sunshine in June :)

    Hope Flo is recovering

  4. Thanks so much for the photos, how lovely. Like Bunny says, I feel I need to sit down with a cuppa and a slice of cake now! I especially love the purple borders. I know how much hard work a garden is so this is a real tribute to your mum (and you and Michael who have obviously helped). Have a great week...
    Hen x

  5. Hello Tracey

    What a very pretty garden and yes, it does have a Mediterranean look. I bet the it also smells like Province too.

    I am also very taken with the path. What a clever idea to use reclaimed materials in this way.


  6. I just happened to tag along on the tour.
    The garden is quintessentially "English" in the best way, and was obviously put together with much thoughtfulness and care.
    I was especially touched by Wallace's final resting place.