Monday, 20 June 2011

Hurry - only a few hours left to enter....

Flo is just taking a little nap before she has to delve her paw into the hat, so if you would like to enter our giveaway then click on the link


  1. Good luck to everyone entered in the giveaway!
    If I bump into Captain Jack Sparrow, I will tell him how handy you are with a sword :)
    Abby x

  2. Good luck to me and slightly less to everyone else in the Giveaway. Of course I wouldn't stoop to bribery, but you might whisper to Flo that I'm prepared to share my Cornish Pasty with her at the next Shepton Flea if she picks me. And hands off Johnny Depp - you've had more than your fair share of excitement after holding Sean Bean's sword!Cx

  3. There`s something just a little bit wrong about that................holding Sean Beans sword....!! Hussy!

  4. Shirley, what should I have done?, it was offered to me!