Friday, 23 September 2011

I just had to

I haven’t been yet, but I do love the way that Anthropologie display their goods. I just had to post this one!
P.S. Hello to my new Followers, Thank you, and to all of my friends whose blogs I usually comment on, I can't at the moment!, the lovely Miss Bunny has told me how to remedy it, but I haven't got myself into gear yet, but I am still avidly reading.


  1. I received their catalogue this week, and I agree with you, it is so beautifully presented.
    Sorry Flo scoffed your chocs. The only way to stop her, is to eat them all at once! :) Abby xx

  2. That's a beautiful photo Tracey. I always try to pop into the King's Road shop whenever I'm 'up in town' but never manage to buy anything because I can't afford it. But I do like the way they are inspired by ethnic and classic themes, rather than blatantly rehashing vintage styles as do many other retailers (and their celeb 'designers'). Actually I did purchase a very chic fabric 'rose' headband in the sale last year, and was delighted to find that it was made in France and not the Far East.

  3. wow.....have I missed out being over here? Where are they? What catalogue?