Wednesday, 28 November 2012

I am currently unable to buy a 10gb allowance for blogger, they want a monthly fee for uploadiing pictures...which currently as I am not blogging as much (is not expensive), but the principle, is causing me to question if I need to continue with The Vintage Bothy.
I will let you know....
You can still see pictures of Dairy House Antiques at their blog and FB page.


  1. I got round the problem simply by reducing the size of the photos I upload to Blogger- don't know if that would work for you?
    Blogger increases the photo size again when it publishes, so it doesn't make any difference to the appearance...

  2. I know of someone with a similar problem and it turned out that she uploaded pictures from Picasa which had been duplicating all of her pictures. You can read about it here
    Good luck.