Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Where in Devon ??

Do you recognise the signage ?

This lovely local chap didn't look too pleased to be left outside, but what of the inside?

Oooh yes, Honiton textile & decorative Fair, my first attempt and I am lucky enough to have been given a stall at the October 5th event and have also been asked to the November 27th Bridport rag market, I would like to say that it was my sparkling personality, however I think that perhaps it was my quirky stall?!

I met some very nice textile ladies & some lovely customers, hello to any new bloggers/followers.

A great day although I got totally soaked and looked like a drowned rat!!!!!! :-)


  1. Lovely to see you and your mum there..many thanks for the lovely purchases!

  2. Looks lovely Tracey...another nice venue for you!


  3. wasn't it a fab day (apart from the soaking at the end!) Lovely to stall -out next to you.. and thank you for le bottle.. will enjoy that at the weekend!

  4. That looks like a wonderful event.

  5. It was lovely to see you at Honiton Tracey. Sadly I can't do the Bridport one this time but rest assured it was brilliant last year. Seem to remember you came as a visitor to that one!

    Have fun at Liz's!

    Sue x