Saturday, 4 September 2010

On the way to Lizzie's house, (but with errors on page!)

Are we at the seaside yet?
No sea Flo but plenty of sand to run on
Now then Flo, "who owns a barn like this?"

I apologise, I have a new laptop and am having trouble using the mouse pad to drag & drop the pics, in fact I can not do it, therefore these pics are all in the wrong order and I accidently hit the publish button, it has taken ages to upload these pics so I am loathe to delete this blog, so stick with me and hopefully you will be able to follow our lovely day out......
These pictures may help
Who has a lovely French style jardin with washing line?

Well that was Lizzie's, what a beautiful place
the barn was like an Aladdins cave, if you didn't get there try to the next time!!!

Before we got to Lizzie's we stopped in Watchet, a tiny little place but with a little harbour/marina &.......

Heartfelt of course.
Our first stop was here on the fourth floor
these very small sculptures are beautiful, made by a very talented lady, who also happens to be a friend of mine, the sales go to help poor abused greyhounds, so if you would like to help and own a lovely piece of art, get in touch......

This is the unit of my freind Jacqui, lovely seaside faded paintwork on handy pieces of furniture.
the view from the 4th floor window is fantastic

more prettiness
where I hope to be on the 4th floor
Do you recognise it?

Keep your fingers crossed.......


  1. Lovely photos.
    Hope you get to grips with your new lap top.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  2. Beautiful photo's I have visited the Quay Antiques its lovely and Topsham makes for a lovely day out. Good luck ;-)) x

  3. That would be a super place to be - I'd come and visit!

  4. What a super weekend you had! Hope you get the space you are after &n I'd love to buy one of the dog pieces to support the greyhounds!


  5. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments. I remember Topsham well, it was a fabulous day out - I used to live in Brixham, my parents still do. See you at Totnes - looking forward to it.
    Jo xx