Tuesday, 28 September 2010

How 70's fabrics conjure up childhood memories....

I came upon this fabric at the weekend, it is a barkcloth with printed images of original traction engines, basically steam driven machines that were the fore runners of tractors, combines etc.
I was immediately taken back to my childhood, I spent a great amount of time with my Gran & Grampy, and with them most summer weekends we went off in "the Merc", packed with fold down chairs, flasks of tea & egg sarnies, to a steam fair. I haven't been to one since Tom was little, I think perhaps I have had my fill, but I know that they are thriving and if you have never been to one I urge you to do so.

My Gran, Trixie, (I have been thinking of changing my name to Trixie), photographed next to possibly "Supreme" which is a Showmans engine, more ornate than the working engines, with polished chrome & gilt & lights, used in the fairgrounds to power the rides.
I have always dreampt of owning a ginny horse (galloper), but the lovely wooden painted & gilded ones cost a fortune, hey ho!
As I was looking for the last picture I found a few of Gran & Grampy hollidaying in Mallorca in the 70's.
The one of Grampy stood by the coach always reminds me of "Del-boy", as both were dealers in this and that, Grampy mainly in vehicles, however stories from the war lead me to believe that my Gran never went short of nylons!

I just love this picture, it looks like a still from one of those lovely technicolour films
very Burton & Taylor!
I don't remember having a lovely nylon quilt like this one which is probably why I am having a hard time putting it into stock, I did wonder if I should keep it for when Tom's girlfriend Christine comes to stay & put it onto her bed so that I have a reason to keep it?!


  1. Hi Tracy,
    Very glam photos! I of course, have entered a world obsessed with steam, via my other half. His Dad actually builds model traction engines from scratch and has probably attended more steam fairs than I've had hot dinners. You and my other half were probably attending the same things way back when! If you are selling the fabric, I'd be interested to hear from you...
    Hen x
    P.S. Yes, the quilt is groovy, it's a keeper and you have just the excuse.

  2. Hi Tracy, i love the photo's and the story its so nice to see of past times especialy when its loved ones makes it more personnal and interesting i feel. I adore the quilt its really pretty i couldn't part with it either. Dee x

  3. Hi Tracy, Thanks for sharing the memories, love the photos of gran and grampy - dont they just look the part.

  4. Great photos, Tracey - very glamorous gran. My older brother is a steam fanatic and used to take me to steam fairs and tractionengine rallies when I was about 12 and he in his early 20s and between girlfriends! I used to have a great time as all his mates used to spoil me.

  5. Steam fairs were a fixture of my childhood too. Glad to hear they are still around. Beautiful quilt.

    Lovely blog, glad I stopped by today ... :0)

    Shirl x