Wednesday, 29 September 2010

radio 2, stew & a rainy day

As we are sitting in the kitchen, I am listening to Radio 2 via the wonderweb, the first in a series of programmes this week by Radcliffe & Maconie, they are walking the Jurassic coastline and this particular episode they are interviewing Billy Bragg who lives on the beach, he says that his writing has been influenced by his new surroundings, I agree listening to this song! Try and listen if you haven't listened to this pair before.
The reason for sitting in the kitchen is that Flo doesn't like being left alone and after her walk this afternoon we both came in soaked, she is curled up on her cushion with her back against the radiator (unfortunatly we do not have an Aga) drying out.
Dinner tonight, the first of the season, is a beef stew, or casserole if you like. I don't usually bother to put cookery on my Blog, apart from Tom's 16th Birthday meal of course, however I wanted to let you know, if you didn't already about the usefulness of an enamel roasting tin (vintage of course).
I cook loads of things in it and it is especially good for slow cooking/steaming meat. If I am doing a roast, very rare at the moment, it keeps everything succulent, take the lid off for a quick blast to crisp up and "Bob's your Uncle"! I do hope that I am not stating the obvious but it is a great piece of equipment.
I noticed today that I have gained four new followers, hello and thank you.
ps Florence is looking forward to some stew for tea.


  1. Looks delicious & Flo looks very comfy there!

  2. How funny - Mr EM made his 'signature' dish of casserole last night, by request! It really has turned chilly at night now hasn't it? Looks like Flo was cosy on her special cushion. We don't have an Aga either and our cat loves to snuggle up to a radiator - but on a favourite plastic bag (weird I know).

  3. sounds delicious! Are you doing Stroud on Saturday???? Lizzie x

  4. Looks very appetising - I'd just finished planning a good casserole for Friday, so I'm now very hungry!

  5. Yummy! we have a slow cooker which I bought last year and is used all the time..fab for stews in the cold weather! my big enamel pan finally gave up after one too many bouts of jamming (not the musical kind!!)