Tuesday, 21 September 2010

a little bit of shopping...but where?

There are not too many places in England that don't all have the same shops in the high street, we all know that there are few towns that are full of the individual shops that we all crave, so this shopping trip was a little different - welcome to the Egyptian spice bazaar in Istanbul. more of a bazaar for everything, fancy fish , fancy lighting,artistic vegetables,
pretty pomegranites,
beautiful beans,
antique finery,

shake it baby,
turkish delight
obviously I bought Michael a little something, honey & pistachio turkish delight, I think he was secretly hoping for the belly dancers outfit!
Thanks to my Mum taking me, I had a lovely weekend visiting sights that I haven't seen since I was 15, it was great to sail on the Bosphorus in the heat & sunshine.
Flo & Michael stayed at home & held the fort.
p.s. To Cecile, Tom is thoroughly enjoying himself, handing work back in on the day that it has been set, etc,etc, however I did recieve a text whilst away that he had broken his laptop & cold I sort it out?! Mmm not totally independant.


  1. How wonderful! Lovely evocative photos. I've been all over the world but never to Istanbul or indeed Marrakech your next destination I think? Envy your weekend (only a weekend?)in Istanbul. Pls send details - I want to go asap our v tight budget allows.Cx

  2. Wow, that looks exciting. Glad Tom is Ok.

  3. Wow what a beautiful place you can almost smell the scents and get the feeling of being there from your photos. Amazing colours and the way they display their things is Art it self. Lovely ;-)

  4. Looks like an exciting, vibrant place to visit, great photos Linda:)

  5. Thanks for all of the comments, it is a fantastic place, I took so many arty pics of the sights that it was hard to decide what to blog, so I went for the market!
    T X