Saturday, 25 September 2010

My usual Saturday haunts were not very forthcoming today, a few of the bits that I did buy are pictured here, a lovely green/white/tan Harris tweed riding jacket and strings of beads. I did stray off the vintage with this lovely Lipsy, looks like vintage crepe floral mini ra-ra skirt, I think that I will be displaying them on dolly like this at my upcoming fairs, she may not go to Honiton as I have to use my car and she will take up too much room, unless I put her in the front passenger seat & leave my Mum at home!
I also bought a couple of little leather satchel bags, some welsh wool purses, vintage tin fish toy and this very old pouch for tobacco or money, it came from near the Northern border of Pakistan, from an ".....istan" that I haven't heard of, it is lovely and tactile and with the addition of a strap/handle would make a lovely bag.

Not much but some nice bits.


  1. hiya- just came over for a mooch about and read your previous post.
    I have to confess...I'm 55 and I've been wearing tweed shorts, cardis, woolly tights and brouges all last winter and I'm gonna do the same thing all over again this winter too!
    I got the idea when my 2-year old great-niece came for tea and it looked so good on her I thought I'd copy the style tip from a budding fashionista!
    Have fun
    ps kids tweed hacking jacket? Cut the sleeves out cos they're often a bit tight across the shoulders and they make a fab chunky waistcoat...;)

  2. Hi Tracey, thanks for leaving a message about the fair- I have one stall left and would love it if you could come!

    There will be approx 10-12 professional stallholders creating an informal "selling-from-home" atmosphere, and each 4m long space has 2 x 6ft trestle tables (and as many chairs as required) provided, and the space is flexible enough for your own extra tables/clothes rails/and items of furniture. The cost is £28 including free drinks (alas, non-alcoholic!)
    I will be selling and also arranging homemade teas and light lunches. The fair already seems to be developing a cosy personality of it's own, which I hope will create a unique trading experience.

    The flyers are at the printers, there will be ads in the local papers, and it would also entail each seller helping to publicise with flyers and of course lots of blog mentions.

    Let me know if you'd like to come and I'll send address for booking

    kindest regards